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Putting Pen to Paper: P H O T O G R A P H Y


Have you ever had a challenging time coming up with a blog topic? Everyone has a different way to jumpstart their juices. I simply take notes (yes, actually take to paper, pen in hand) and jot what comes to mind. So if you’re at a complete stop, simply grab a piece of paper, then start jotting anything that comes to you. Every dot is a powerful connector.

I love photography, so I decided to jot down each letter to jumpstart this post about my inspiration for taking photographs. Perhaps one of the letters will stick-to-mind on your next jaunt into the world of photography, or in your own writing discovery.


Passion: everything that gives this little planet a voice excites me. I am always present-minded aware that life is fleeting. It gives me that sense of urgency to capture unique moments of truth.

 Autumn Rainbow


Honesty: many people ask me if I “stage” my subject. I am a true believer in what you see in that moment is truth, and I want to snap it and share it, exactly how it presents in front of me.

Asbury Park Americana


Opportunity: opportunity is all around you. Look down, to the side, up. Frame a spot catching your eye. And snap the shot. Right place, right time.

Three Umbrellas


Timing: sometimes you’re simply in the right place at the right time. And, sometimes you’re not. So create that timing. When you anticipate that perfect moment wait, patiently… patiently.. patiently… then snap your shot!

Tent Sweet Tent

OOH!: it’s that feeling: “STOP THE CAR” ~ you just *have* to stop what you’re doing, grab your camera and take the shot. There’s nothing like the feeling that you captured a moment no one else had the chance to see, and immediate need to share it!

Sandy Moment


Gratitude: when I’m in the right place at the right time; when I upload my photos to my computer then discover the camera captured something I didn’t see, I say “thank you” aloud to The Universe.


Readiness: goes without saying.  A photographer is *always* ready to take the shot. Whether it be camera-in-hand or simply cell phone with camera, anything with a lens, and memory.


Amazement: I truly am amazed by life. Its design, texture, color, shape, expression. Everyday is a day of wonderment and inspiration to capture that moment.



Patience: admittedly, not my strongest ability, though, interestingly, if I anticipate that perfect shot, I can hold tight and still for as long as it takes.

Effervescent Rainbow


Happy: the moment I have the opportunity of time to grab my camera and head outdoors to shoot, I’m happy, and all in the world is good.



Yay! The feeling of sharing my photos and seeing a person’s eyes light up and say “Wow! I love this!” It gives me complete joy to evoke emotion with a photograph. It gives me a true sense of accomplishment and confirmation of purpose in the art of photography.

Snowswept Beach


So if you find yourself at full-stop on ideas for starting your post, or you’re a budding photographer interested in looking for a way, or reason to begin, simply grab your pen, and sheet of paper. Your mind already knows the answer; it just needs the pen and paper to jot the “how to” and then, you’re on your way!

Do you have more tricks for coming up with, and moving ideas ahead?

The Difference Between Writing a Blog Post & Paying For One


As a blogger, the expectation is that you blog. You sit down at your computer and write up the amazing posts that are the reason people come to your site in the first place. But running a blog doesn’t mean that you have to create every single piece of content that goes up on your site, does it?

I have a biased opinion of course, being that I’ve written for far more blogs than just my own and have paid my bills with the resulting money. It’s a discussion that’s happening more and more often, though: there are bloggers who barely feel present on their own sites anymore, others that herald paid posters as the harbingers of some sort of blogging apocalypse, and plenty of opinions in between. Assuming that you’re comfortable with the idea of using paid bloggers for your own site, though, there is a difference between what you get and what you might write yourself.

When You Pay a Blogger…

When you write a post for your own site, the only people you’re responsible to are your readers. You can have an off day and not feel badly; a typo can slide through and it’s not the end of the world. But when you’re putting down cash money for someone else to write that same post, even one typo is really unacceptable. You have a right to expect a certain type of quality from a paid blogger.

I say a ‘certain type of quality’ because you can judge a post on a variety of different qualities. In question here are the mechanics of a post: Is it well constructed? Are the grammar and spelling spot on? Does it convey a set of thoughts in a way that the reader will understand? Those are the expectations that go along with a paid post — what you can and should expect. That’s also the difference that you’ll see: paid bloggers don’t have the luxury of ‘phoning it in.’ That’s a fast way to lose a client, after all.

You may not get some of the other types of quality you are looking for with a paid blogger, though: unless you’re able to hire a mind reader, you’re not going to get a voice absolutely consistent with the rest of your site. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a post that will go viral either (no matter what some paid bloggers will promise). What you’re paying for is almost always good, not great. And that’s okay.

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