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Poll: Where Do You Work?


One of the things I love about being a blogger is the ability to work nearly anywhere as long as I can get an Internet connection. And to be frank, there aren’t many places I can’t get an Internet connection, since tethering my smartphone is an options and more restaurants are beginning to offer wireless hotspots. Right now, in fact, I’m in the middle of moving and my home Internet won’t be hooked up until Monday. So, I’m working via phone and at Panera/Starbucks for the weekend.

Lifehack: in case you need to find a hotspot for work, JiWire is a huge help – just pop your zip into the search bar and it will pull up locations that hare Wifi (both free and paid). I think there are other sites that do the same thing, but JiWire is my favorite.

I guess having all these Wifi locations is a curse too, since you literally can never leave work! I like being able to get out of the house too, though – being around people can be nice.

Anyway, I thought that today it would be kind of fun to poll everyone reading here at the BlogWorld blog – where do you  most often work when you’re not at home? Do you head to the library for some peace and quite? Do you enjoy a location like McDonald’s where you can also buy food? Is there a hidden nook in your city that has Wifi? Vote in the poll and then leave a comment with the specifics!

[poll id=”3″]

My answer? Definitely Panera Bread. It’s my favorite place because of the work-friendly booths and the turkey/artichoke paninis. Yum. Now that I live in the DC area, though, I’m excited to explore all of the hotspots sprinkled throughout the city – I’ll still do work from home, but it’s nice to get a change of scenery too, especially during the beautiful spring, summer, and fall months.

Your turn! vote in the poll and then explain your vote with a comment if you want!

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