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Who Do You Fight For?


Session Title: Discover the Hidden Profits in Your Community
Speaker: Michele Price

What if you were missing the key ingredient needed to create a committed community?

No One Was Committed To Fight

Recently I had the opportunity to go see a new movie that has not been released yet called Warrior. Now, I am not a fighting kinda gal. Never been interested in that style of sport (always thought it was senseless). So, it was a huge surprise to me that I would even go see Warrior, much less love it.

Here is what I learned about community, causes, and leadership from that story. When you want people who care about the work you are doing for others, it is critical to find folks, who if they had to, they would fight for your cause. WHY, you ask?


When people are willing to pick up arms they are committed. Now many of you probably are not wanting your community to pick up arms, I get that. There is more than one way to tap into that primal part of all our brains that controls the need for protection. WAIT, Michele you say, why would we need to even go there? What is this about fighting and protection.

To have a committed community – understanding emotions, neuroscience, and social media all go hand in hand.

How do you even create the desire for them to participate, if you are not appealing to their primal emotions of caring as well as what is right or wrong?

Now in Warrior you have three main characters that from the outside looking in, appears of people who were just plain sick and made massive amounts of mistakes in their lives.

  1. You have an alcoholic that neither of his sons wants to have a relationship with.
  2. You have two brothers that do not talk with each other.
  3. And then you have the fight.

This story was so masterfully told, that by the end of the movie you are cheering for all three with their warts, their pains, and their wrong choices. WHY?

Because each of them had something that was missing form their lives. That one emotion which changes everything in the world. LOVE.

Now , before you all go “here she goes with the girly stuff”, I am not talking about romantic love… I am not even talking about father and son love… I am talking about Agape love. The kind if love that transcends all situations. The type of love that is core to who we are as humans.

The kind of love that fuels “causes.”

To protect, defend and uplift those who have been hurt, wronged or afflicted.

When you are creating your communities online, how are you tapping into that Agape love?

Do you know what they are willing to fight for?

When you know that, then you have found the key to creating a massively committed and loyal community.

Who Do You Fight For and Why?

Michele Price is the founder of Social Media For Smart People, a new media agency working with businesses creating branding relationships with bloggers, as well as implementing integrated & social media marketing for speakers and authors. Michele @Prosperitygal is the host of Breakthrough Business Strategies radio, Women in Business radio, and #Speakchat.

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