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How to Seriously Rock the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket


Wow. When I started working with BlogWorld to reinvent the Virtual Ticket, I knew it’d be cool but I didn’t count on the amount of buzz we were going to create and how many people would be interested in it.

I also didn’t anticipate how many people would have questions. Many, many, many questions.

So as a service to everyone who’s signed up (or everyone who is thinking about it, or anyone with a live pass who wants to add the VT), I figured it might make sense to answer some of of the questions we’ve been asked about attending BWELA from the comfort of your own home, your office, or a construction site Port-a-John.

Here we go:

Q: What is the experience of attending BlogWorld through the Virtual Ticket like?

A: During the conference, you’ll be able to follow the action at the actual live event by watching our social media and a private Virtual Ticket site for video, photos, and other updates. Since I’m your host, the idea is that I’m there “for you” and will stream or upload sporadic video of people I run into or backstage-type situations I get myself into. All of this video goes into the VT website, so you won’t need to watch it live.

As the days go on, you can interact with me and henchwoman Jess on Twitter and/or through email and can send us questions or hurl insults. We also encourage you to connect with other VT attendees.

Then, as we process the videos of the session recordings, we’ll add those to the site and you can begin making your way through the 100+ hours of individual conference sessions. (This takes a while, so note that session recordings will be available about a week after the conference ends.) 

Remember, the Virtual Ticket always moves at your speed. There’s a ton of material and you can watch some of it live or you can spread its huge volume of content it out over weeks, months, or a full year if you’d like. Your way, on your schedule.

Q: What’s the best way to follow the action while the conference is going on?

A: If you’d like to simulate some of the “being there” feel of the live event, the best way to keep tabs on things is probably by following the Twitter account we set up for the Virtual Ticket to get photos, video, and updates. You can also keep an eye on your email and on the private Virtual Ticket site, as well as Facebook. (We’ll tell you how to do all of this when you register.)

Q: Is attending the VT like being there live in terms of time commitment? Should I block off a few days to “attend” virtually?

A: Most of the content of BlogWorld is in the conference sessions, and we can’t stream every one of those live. So no, there’s no need to take large blocks of time away from work and family to attend, which is one of the beauties of virtual attendance. If you’d like to check in on the live event as we recommend, keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and the VT site as you go about your business, but otherwise there’s no real need to mess up your normal schedule.

Q: Will I miss anything if I can’t watch any of the live (or quasi-live) stuff?

A: Not really! Everything we record (including the on-site stuff) will be archived on the VT site. To get the most “experience” of BlogWorld as possible — to be able to chat about conference goings-on and be able to ask questions — we suggest going through the day’s “recorded live” material each evening or whenever you have time. However, you’re the boss, just like Tony Danza. So if you wanted to wait until three months later to look at any of the material, that’s fine too.

Q: Do we get access to ALL of the conference sessions?

A: The answer is a qualified yes. We’re recording them all, but sometimes we lose one to tech glitches between recording and posting on the VT site (which typically takes about a week), so we can’t guarantee that each and every will be there. But most will, which is one of the reasons the VT is great even for live attendees! When you’re there live, you can’t watch two sessions that are scheduled at the same time… but if you have the Virtual Ticket recordings, you can.

Q: How long do I have access to the Virtual Ticket?

A: You get access to absolutely all of the material (including the on-site and behind-the-scenes footage and the VT bonuses, like exclusive interviews) for a full year.

So there you have it… your complete Q&A guide to the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket!

BlogWorld & New Media Expo LA starts next Thursday, so if you’ve been wishing you could attend but can’t quite manage it, you might want to sign up for the Virtual Ticket so you can experience the next best thing for a fraction of the cost.

You can register for the Virtual Ticket here.

(And if you bought a live ticket and would like to add the Virtual Ticket to your registration for $49, send an email to registration@blogworldexpo.com to request it.)

See you in LA!

Well, I’ll be in LA. You’ll be at home, probably in pajamas or something.

Johnny B. Truant is the host and M.C. of the newly-redesigned BlogWorld Virtual Ticket. You can connect with him on Twitter as @JohnnyBTruant.

How to get the most out of a live event you can’t attend, PART 2


In my last post, I left you hanging on a question: How can the online version of a live event — in this case, BlogWorld’s Virtual Ticket — convey as much of the experience of being there in-person as possible?

Well, we came up with a few ideas to help bridge that gap, and we incorporated them into the Virtual Ticket. Here they are:

1. Provide live, on-the-spot footage at the event
We’ll record behind-the-scenes footage all over the conference center and at select conference events and will either stream it live (if on-site internet cooperates) or put it online for you fast. Grab yourself a cup of stale coffee and slap on a nametag while you watch and you can almost pretend you’re there with us.

2. Create exclusivity by providing extras that even live attendees won’t have access to
We know we can’t replicate all of what you’ll get live at BlogWorld, so we’re doing the next best thing — countering the in-person advantage that live attendees have by giving you something that they won’t get. First on the menu? Exclusive interviews with the bigwigs. Not many people are going to be hanging out with keynote speakers in person, but you can, through the magic of exclusive video.

3. Provide a host
You know how if you were there live and if you’re lucky or popular, you might hang out with someone as you made your way around? As you sit there in your PJ’s at home, I’ll be your surrogate buddy. One way to give you the VT material would have been to slap all the videos in an archive, but we thought that giving you a cohesive, semi-guided experience would be way more fun.

Sign up for the Virtual Ticket and you’ll get all of that, plus 100+ hours of BlogWorld session recordings (which you’ll have on-demand access to for a full year).

The one thing we always hear from non-attendees during BlogWorld & New Media Expo is “I wish I were there.”

Well, this is your chance! Instead of getting on Twitter and telling us that you wish you were there, you can be kind of there, even while you’re at home. Sure, you’ll need to wait just a bit before we have all of the session recordings ready for you, but the rest of your experience will either be live or as close to live as we can make it, letting you “be there” as much as possible.

Now here’s the important part: The BlogWorld Virtual Ticket is on sale through 11:59pm tonight, Friday, October 21st. Until that time, it’s only $247, which is a full $100 off.

Even after the price goes up, it’s a great deal… but wouldn’t you rather save the money? Yeah. We thought you might.

Click here to register for the Virtual Ticket. Be sure to act now, before the price goes up tonight!

Johnny B. Truant is the host and M.C. of the newly-redesigned BlogWorld Virtual Ticket. You can connect with him on Twitter as @JohnnyBTruant.

BlogWorld’s Virtual Ticket Gets an Octane Boost & Makes Attendance Possible For All!


BlogWorld is about to get a lot more accessible and a whole lot cooler.

You’ve heard of BlogWorld & New Media Expo, of course — the first and only industry-wide conference and tradeshow for all new media, now offering twice as much yearly fun as a bicoastal event that hits Los Angeles in November and New York in June.

And what does BlogWorld offer? Well, it boasts more than 250 presenters and keynotes who teach attendees the tips and secrets of the best in the blogging and new media biz. It offers learning tracks in content creation, monetization, and social media (to name a few), which show you how to get more traffic, improve your writing and podcasting, expand your presence, and turn your blog into a source of income. You meet like minds (and minds you aspire to be like) and you get to pick their brains. All great stuff.

But what if you can’t attend? What if you can’t quite find the time, can’t get a sitter for the kids, or (let’s face it… times are tough) simply can’t afford it right now?

Ah. That’s where the Virtual Ticket comes in.

Forget travel and hotel expenses. Forget sending the dogs to the kennel and the kids to grandma’s. Forget putting on your pants in the morning. Attending BlogWorld through the Virtual Ticket lets you go to sessions in your pajamas, for a tiny fraction of what live attendance would cost you.

And we know what you’re thinking — but this isn’t your father’s virtual event.

BlogWorld has partnered with popular big-personality blogger Johnny B. Truant to coordinate and host the Virtual Ticket starting with this year’s BlogWorld West conference, which empties Los Angeles stores of pointy party hats this November 3rd through 5th. In the past, the Virtual Ticket has been the “take-home version” of BlogWorld Live, but this year’s VT will be an event in and of itself — something that is bigger and better and brighter than the sum of its parts.

So yes, you’ll receive recorded access more than 100 sessions at BlogWorld, but you’ll also get exclusive interviews and access to behind-the-scenes shenanigans, plus other goodies we’re keeping secret and won’t announce just yet.

(Think of the Oscars, but remove the tuxedos, the awards, and the giant gold statue of the guy on stage, and you’ll be in the ballpark. Instead of seeing Russell Crowe reacting unimpressively to jokes, you might get Peter Shankman reacting to a surprise flash mob. Instead of Lady Gaga arriving in a giant egg, maybe Liz Strauss arrives in a giant egg. You get the idea.)

The awesomeifying of the Virtual Ticket means that apart from being a “BlogWorld Live substitute” for people unable to attend, the VT also becomes a must-have add-on for anyone who attends BWE in person.

Given that there are many sessions presented at the same time in the conference hall, attendees can never see all of the speakers and panels they’d like to see due to that disturbing inability to be in multiple places at once. But with the Virtual Ticket, you’ll be able to see sessions you missed once you return home, as well as revisit sessions that were particularly engaging. Essentially, a 100+ hour incredibly practical information library becomes yours for a very low cost.

The new and improved Virtual Ticket — featuring Johnny B. Truant as “Virtual MC” and his largely-behind-the-scenes mastermind, henchwoman and “Keg Girl” Jessica Commins — debuts this year for the BlogWorld West event being held this November 3rd through 5th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. You can find more information and can purchase tickets for the Virtual Ticket here.

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