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Parenting Blogging is a Business, Let’s Work on Treating It That Way


Parenting blogging is a business. That’s what Type A Parent founder Kelby Carr expressed today (November 4th) at BlogWorld Los Angeles. In her session entitled “Parent Bloggers Mean Business: Building Success, Respect, Confidence and Income”, she covered some fantastic points on ways parent bloggers can step it up to the next level and be taken seriously.

She had so many insightful words to say about this industry, (And yes, blogging is an industry. Be sure and take a look at some stats from Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere Report from today.) but I want to cover just a few that stood out to me.

If you want to set yourself up as a business and be taken seriously, it all starts with earning respect. Here are five points Kelby gave on building respect as a parent blogger:

1. Have confidence.

When it comes to parent bloggers in general, Kelby said what she would like to see is “people having a healthy confidence”. Meaning, not seeing yourself as entitled, but also not having a low self-esteem.

2. Don’t obsess over the competition.

Instead of competing against other bloggers, compete against yourself. Don’t get into dragging other people down, so you can try to win.

3. Get paid for work.

This is a touchy and interesting subject among bloggers and PR companies. Do we pay bloggers and how much? Kelby said “If we work for free, it will bring down our image.”

4. Don’t be a brand groupie.

There is a fine line between networking and falling all over a brand. You don’t need to be rude, but remember it’s a business relationship. Kelby said “Don’t be a fan girl just because they’re a fortune 500 company.”

5. Behave like a professional and treat your blog like the business it is.

Spell check is your friend. A good design is your friend. Being mindful of how you act in the social space is your friend. You know the saying, “If you treat your blog like a business, it will pay like a business”.

Kelby shared many more valuable tips on parenting blogger success including strategic risk taking, reigning in your focus and some tactics for making a living at this thing we call blogging. To hear these tips and more, watch Kelby’s entire session when you purchase the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket.

What are some ways you think parent bloggers can gain respect and do better at treating their blog as a business?

Type-A Parent Track Coming to BlogWorld LA!


This year, the Type-A Parent Conference is partnering with BlogWorld & New Media Expo to offer a BlogWorld parent blogger track. The track will be two full days of the conference, Friday and Saturday, and jam-packed with learning and take-aways for moms and dads who blog, as well as business who want to connect with and understand the space. If you’d like to see which parents have already registered for BlogWorld, be sure to see my Parents at #BWELA list on Twitter.

The Type-A track lineup is:

  • Just a Mom” is No Excuse – Professionalism and Productivity Count with Heather Solos (@heathersolos) and Angela England (@angengland) – After hearing more than one blogger make the excuse “Oh well, I’m just a mom,” they realized that motherhood is no excuse for lack of professionalism. Nor is it a hindrance to productivity! They will discuss how to maintain a professional demeanor, without sacrificing the reason many of us choose to stay home – our families! Together we’ll also share tips and tricks for maximizing productivity and help bloggers focus their to-do lists to the most important and effective items.
  • How Dad Blogging Can Bust the Fatherhood Stereotypes with Bruce Sallan (@brucesallan) moderating with Jim Lin of Busy Dad Blog (@busydadblog), Ron Mattocks (@CK_Lunchbox) and Kevin Metzger (@theDadvocate) – Dads often get a bad rap in the media, but dad blogging provides an opportunity to dispel some myths and demonstrate that the modern dad is, in fact, a competent and involved parent.
  • Creating a Media Kit with Francesca Banducci (@SITSgirls) and Allison Talamantez (@swaygroup and @aztalamantez) – This presentation will cover what a media kit is and why you need one as a blogger, the most common elements of a media kit, examples of media kits to get you started and the five essential elements that all media kits need. Attendees will also get a handout to fill out throughout the presentation, which will serve as a template for them to create their own media kit.
  • Monetizing Your Parent Blog with Adam Keats (@akeats), Sheila Dowd (@xiaolinmama and @clevergirlscoll), Sarah Pinnix (@reallifesarah) and Leah Segedie (@bookieboo) – Yes, parent blogs can generate cash. This panel will offer tips, examples of successes and warnings of pitfalls when it comes to earning real money through your parent blog.
  • Exposed! When Blogging Gets Too Personal with Cecily Kellogg (@cecilyk), Anissa Mayhew (@anissamayhew), Michele Chestnut (@chelechestnut) and Erin Kotecki Vest (@queenofspain) – Parent blogs often include sharing details of our personal lives, but what happens when life gets a little too exposed? Four bloggers who have dealt with everything from health issues and trolls to personal and political debates will share tips and takeaways on how to cope, how to set boundaries, and how to deal when blogging gets too close for comfort.
  • Avoiding Parent Blog Design Mistakes with Melanie Nelson (@chilihead) and Brittany Vanderlinden (@mommywords) – Find out about the most common parent blog design mistakes, with an explanation of why they are mistakes that turn off visitors as well as concrete steps to fix those issues on your own blog. The audience will walk away with clear steps to make their blogs more visually attractive and user friendly.
  • Podcasting for Parent Bloggers with Maria Bailey (@momtalkradio) and Tamara Walker (@momrn) – Two long-time and established podcasters will share tips on getting started with podcasting, where to broadcast, developing a podcast theme and regular guests and topics, and building an audience.
  • Reaching the Digital Family: Marketing Strategies with Mom and Dad Influencers with Amy Lupold Bair (@resourcefulmom), Adam Cohen (@dadarocks), Janice Croze (@5minutesformom) and Josh Becker (@dadstreet) – There’s no question that brands and agencies are looking to reach not only the online mom, but the entire digital family. What are the best strategies to connect with this growing market, and how do mom and dad bloggers approach their unique audiences differently when representing companies?
  • Maintaining Privacy While Living Publicly with Jessica Gottlieb (@jessicagottlieb) – This is a very hands on session where bloggers can learn a lot of tips for how to keep their life private while still maintaining intimacy with their audience. It will cover registering your site, deciding to use your name, privacy via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, safety with location-based services, turning private moments into universal stories and public information found online.
  • Breaking Into Parent Vlogging with Jenny Ingram (@jennyonthespot) and Clay Nichols (@daddyclay) – If you’ve ever thought about delving into vlogging, but were intimidated by it or just didn’t know how to start, two seasoned parent vloggers will offer this basic session to get started.
  • (Track Keynote) Parent Bloggers Mean Business: Building Success, Respect, Confidence and Income with Kelby Carr (@typeamom) – Yes, parent bloggers can and should take themselves seriously. After all, if you don’t, who will? This session will cover the importance of putting on your game face as a parent blogger, and earning the respect and finding the confidence to break into success. Attendees will learn how to position themselves and their blog as a business, get tips on dealing with naysayers and the stereotypes that frequently hold bloggers with “mom” and “dad” in their name back, and find out how to leverage their blog’s success to branch out into other endeavors, and ultimately make a real and livable income.

RESERVE YOUR PASS! If you haven’t reserved your pass or hotel rooms yet, you’ll want to register now! BlogWorld official partner hotels are offering Discounted Rates (from $120/nt), Free Wi-Fi for attendees, and and all have just undergone multi-million-dollar renovations–so you’ll be in a fresh, vibrant and comfy new room during your BlogWorld stay! And…we’ve lined up Free Shuttles for you too! Check out your hotel options.

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