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5 Major Twitter Changes Coming to a Computer Screen Near You


Twitter is getting a major face lift and will be rolling out the new look over the coming weeks. They highlighted 5 of the most significant changes on fly.twitter.com.

It wasn’t that long ago Twitter incorporated some changes such as the Activity tab. Just when you thought they were done, they roll out something so incredibly different it makes you stop to take a look.

Here’s a breakdown of the major changes:

Home – Home is where you view Tweets from the people you have chosen to follow. It’s your personal collection of Tweets, featuring the latest news, commentary and information from the sources you care about.

Connect – The new Connect section is where you get in on the conversation.

Discover – Discover lets you tap into a stream of useful and entertaining information, customized just for you.

Me – The new profile section puts you and your interests front and center.

Tweet – Click on the new Tweet button and instantly send your message out to the world.

Here’s a look at the redesign.

If you would like to see these changes up close and personal immediately, Twitter has already updated mobile.twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for Android.

If you think this is Twitter’s last update or announcement for awhile, think again.

On the official Twitter blog, at the end of the new design announcement, they said “What we’re announcing today is just the beginning. We now have a framework in place that we will quickly build and iterate upon to help users connect with whatever is meaningful to them.”

Check out this video Twitter put together which walks you through the changes.


Twitter’s Activity Tab Helps Users Discover More


Back in August, Twitter announced a new feature – the Activity tab. They described it as “a rich new source of discovery by highlighting the latest Favorites, Retweets, and Follows from the people you follow on Twitter – all in one place.”

The roll-out of the new feature has begun, although some users are saying it seems to come and go. Once it appeared on my Twitter account, it’s been there to stay.

When I first started tinkering around with the Activity Tab, the verdict was still out as to how I felt about it. But now that I’ve been using it for a couple of days, I can see the benefits.

It opens up the Twitter world to me a bit. It’s nice to see, in real-time, who the people I choose to follow have followed on Twitter. It definitely makes the whole Twitter process more fluid, interactive and more like a social network.

Another feature you may have noticed, is the @username. It replaces the @mentions and gives you the ability to see who re-tweeted you,  which of your tweets are favorites, tweets directed at you, what lists you’ve been put on and who just followed you.

For those of you who don’t like all of the other “noise” and just want to see who mentioned you, Twitter has made it easy. Just click the box that says “Show mentions only”.

Two questions – Have these new features been made available to you yet and if yes, what are your thoughts on them?

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