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A Blog’s Eye View: CES Exposed


The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest trade show for consumer technology, is underway in Las Vegas today (January 10th – 13th).

By taking one quick look at the conference schedule, you’ll see there are some fantastic speakers, tracks and sessions. Trade show attendees will hear from speakers at Microsoft, Intel, Ford, Verizon and Facebook – just to name a few.

If you check your twitter stream for #CES or #CES2012, you’ll see there are many content creators attending the event who are giving us a great look into the show. It’s easy to get lost in CES twitter hash tag land, which might leave you wondering, “Whose tweets should I follow?”

Who To Follow

Here’s an alphabetical list of who to follow, who is covering it well and who is there in the trenches of CES. The list includes several of our speakers from BlogWorld L.A. 2011, as well as a few members from the BlogWorld team.

(Side note: I’ll be adding to this list throughout today and Wednesday.)

Beth Blecherman@TechMama, Technologist- CoolMomTech.com, Founder- Techmamas.com

Bryan Rhoads@bryanrhoads, global social media @Intel

Cali Lewis@CaliLewis, Host of GeekBeat.TV. Tech correspondent for CNN, FOX and Sirius 101’s GeekTime

Calvin Lee@mayhemstudios, Blogs at Method to Mayhem

Cathy Brooks@CathyBrooks, Raconteur and genetically inclined connector. Evangelist & Head of Strategic Relationships for mobile search

Dave Delaney@DaveDelaney, Founder of Geek Breakfast & Nashcocktail. Co-founder of BarCamp & PodCamp Nashville

Dave Taylor@DaveTaylor, Blogger, entrepreneur, public speaker, dad from AskDaveTaylor.com

Deb Ng@debng and @blogworldexpo, Social media enthusiast, oversharer, and Conference Director for BlogWorld. Author of Online Community Management for Dummies.

Heather Solos@HeatherSolos, Blogs at Home-Ec101.com

Jennifer James @MomBloggersClub, Founder of Mom Bloggers Club

Jen Wojcik@TheJenATX, Biz Dev for BlogWorld & New Media Expo, Co-Founder PinqSheets.com

John Pozadides@JohnPoz, Co-host of GeekBeat.TV and blogs at www.onemansblog.com

Kelby Carr@TypeAMom, Founder of Type A Parent conference

Kristi Trimmer@dragonflytweet, Social Media, Design and Editing

Leo Laporte @leolaporte and @TWiT, Podcaster, broadcaster and tech pundit. The Tech Guy on the Premiere Radio Networks. Live at live.twit.tv

Mike Schneider@schneidermike, Blogs about social media and technology at www.schneidermike.com

Patti Hosking @newmediapatti, Director of Business Development for BlogWorld and New Media Expo, Employee #1

Rick Calvert@blogworld, BlogWorld & New Media Expo founder

Sarah Kimmel@Tech4Moms, Blogs about technology for moms at www.tech4mommies.com

Syed Balkhi@SyedBalkhi, Creator of WPBeginner.com


What Is The Next Big Event?


Do you have an event, conference or meeting, besides of course our event which I just talked about, that you want us to know about?   CES was a huge event in Las Vegas last week, and our very own Rick Calvert and Patti Hosking was in attendance along with the reported 150,000 other people all wanting to see what the next cool thing was in consumer electronics.  We at BlogWorld & New Media Expo love to attnd these types of events and we plan to make sure we have someone that can make it to help promote our show and to also report on what we see in the industry and trends and news.  The problem is, it is tough for us to keep track of all of the events in our industry.

Mashable, RWW, TechCrunch and others all have calendars of events and we tend to keep our eyes on those lists to make sure we see all of the events that are reported in those industries, but event they don’t have a handle on all of them.  What I want to know is what are your events?  Are yopu running something that we shoudl attend?  Do you have a conference, or a show, or a trade event in an industry that doesn’t necessarily fit into the tech world or maybe it is on the fringe of social media, or other places you think we should know?  What about in other countries, are you planning on having a show in your city and in your country not in the United States?

With the number of categories our convention and trade show covers, with real estate, business, sports, military service, technology, monetization, politics, etc, etc.  What events are not being publicized that we should attend?  Leave a comment and URL here if you have an event we should notice.  I am also going to start compiling a list of events that are brought to our attention as we want to help you promote your event as much as our own.  If we can make a hub for people to come and find events in the new media world, we would love to help.

I think the next big thing that we may be attending is Affiliate Summit West again in Las Vegas.  Many of our friends and track leaders and speakers all attend that event on affiliate marketing.  Will we be seeing you there?

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