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30 Days to a Better Blog: Use Trackbacks Effectively


30 Days to a Better Blog: Use Trackbacks Effectively

Use Trackbacks Effectively A trackback is the automated process of notifying a blog that you linked to one of their posts. Some blogging platforms automatically create a trackback when you link out to a post – while others require using the trackback field to ping their blog. Once a trackback is initiated, the blogger will need to verify the link (like a comment) before it will show up on their blog. Once your trackback is approved, your link will display in their comments section. This is a great way for you to link out to other bloggers, and give their readers a way to find relevant posts on your blog! If the blog has a high enough google rank, this can help your SEO and also bring traffic your way.

Here are some ways to use and approve trackbacks effectively:

  • When linking to blogs, make sure the blog content is relevant and that you link to a specific post instead of the homepage. This is beneficial to your readers, and makes the recipient blogger more apt to approve the trackback.
  • Have your post link to theirs in a new window so that your blog visitors will still stay on your blog.
  • When someone links to you, check their referring post before approving. There are many spam sites hoping to use trackbacks to improve their SEO. The last thing you want is to help them and/or lose your readers when they click off to a bad site.
  • When a blogger links to you, go comment on their blog and thank them. This will urge them to continue to link to you – allowing you to (hopefully) receive more traffic!

How do you use trackbacks?

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