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Not Another Tech Blog


I have a lot of respect for tech bloggers. Their job is tough because the industry is ever expanding and the competition ever growing. The seemingly impossible today becomes tomorrow’s standard. The rapid pace of change makes it difficult to keep up with new information, while providing current and relevant information to readers in a timely manner. Despite these challenges, many great bloggers do it and they do it well. So, if you’re going to start a tech blog, you’d better be ready to work because you’re going to have to stand out to get noticed. It’s not enough that you write well and know a few people who will read your blog. To really create a successful tech blog – and to avoid wasting a bunch of time – you need to become focused, committed, and ready to work. You’re up against a lot of blogging greatness but if you follow some of this advice, you just may become one of the greats yourself.

First Things First
Regardless of the subject of your blog you really need to focus on a particular niche to be successful. I know, I know – we’ve all heard the term niche ad nauseam and I went there. That being said, the technology field is far too expansive for any single mortal to provide insightful and relevant content on all of its workings. As such, focus on a particular subject to provide better and more relevant content to your readers vs. trying to be all things to everyone. Your readers will appreciate it and you’ll have fewer sleepless nights as a result.

Position Your Blog as an Actual News Source
Blogging today is becoming more and more about the here and the now. We are increasingly living in a real-time world and as such, your blog should be as close to real-time as you can make it. Blogging is arguably becoming the de facto publishing standard in our society today. While many blogs are still being used to express the personal opinions and rants of the owner to the world at large, I feel that the most successful blogs of tomorrow will more closely resemble successful news agencies of today. We’re already seeing a growing trend of citizens and bloggers, rather than journalists, breaking news around the world. As a blogger keyed into your particular niche, why not break the news yourself? You can do this if you position your blog correctly.

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Meet the Milblog Panelists: Scott Henderson


Scott Henderson is not a milblogger, he’s a Transformer. No, not like in the movies, but a person who helps companies and non-profits transform themselves online so that they can transform their growth. In the Milblog Track, he’s going to be discussing the changes and opportunities on the way for milblogs and milbloggers.


His bio is as follows:

During his fourteen-year professional career, Scott has been a major gift fundraiser, foundation executive, magazine editor, marketing consultant, and president of a capital campaign firm. Today, he is the cause marketing director for Indiana-based MediaSauce, helping corporations and non-profits create and implement online strategies to achieve transformational growth.

Recent accomplishments include the creation and launch of www.pledgetoendhunger.com, which helped Tyson Foods deliver 560,000 meals to four different cities for children in need, raised $28,000 for Share Our Strength, and assembled an army of nearly 5,000 childhood hunger awareness champions.

MediaSauce is a full service marketing and communications firm whose strategic philosophy positions the online space at the center of communications in order to create and sustain open dialogue and lasting relationships. Clients include The Nature Conservancy, Indiana Pacers, USA Diving, Samaritan’s Feet, and University of Chicago.

You can hear him speak at 4pm on Thursay 15 October on the “Getting the Picture: What’s Next for Milblogs” panel.


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