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The BlogWorld Daily Wrap-up for Wednesday, June 6th


Attending live events is kind of like attending a reunion every year. Each time you go, you get to see the people you’ve met in the past. But you also get to meet new people. Then the next year, you get to see all of those people again and meet a few MORE new people. Your networks and friendships grow like a snowball. I love it. There’s nothing like meeting folks from the virtual world in person.

So if you can go to live events like BlogWorld, you should go. But sometimes you can’t go to the actual live event, and that’s why BlogWorld has me working on their Virtual Ticket program, which brings the entirety of the conference’s content and a bunch of bonus footage to people who can’t be there in person.

So here I am, live from New York. Not on Saturday night, though.

Today, my Virtual Ticket partner Lisa and I caught up with a lot of cool folks. We hung out with Syed Balkhi, Jonathan Fields (who is trying to distract me from writing this post right now), Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn, and a ton of other folks. Oh, and I forgot to tell the world that yesterday, Jason Van Orden gave me his salad totally out of the blue. Thanks, Jason. I owe you a salad.

Here, as promised, are two more interviews we recorded for the Virtual Ticket, which we’re giving to you for free because we’re just that cool:

First, I talked to Syed Balkhi about growing your traffic. And yeah, I know… everyone talks about that and we all secretly think it’s impossible to actually do, right? But Syed had some actual, practical tips. Check out the audio file below:

NOTE: Last time I saw Syed in LA, he was wearing a necklace that said “AWESOME” on it. He wasn’t wearing it this time, but claims to still actually BE awesome. You be the judge. The audio is below:

Second, I talked to Mur Lafferty about distributing your books via free podcasts. I’m actually in the process of doing this myself for my book The Bialy Pimps, so this was an interview with a nefarious ulterior motive. But you’ll dig it anyway:

The only thing I’ll add as a P.S. is that today I talked to Peter Shankman about how he uses ADHD as an entrepreneurial superpower. And he mentioned that when he gets wound up, he’ll sometimes drop and do pushups to burn off steam — even if he’s on a plane. So I told him to drop and give me 10 and Peter and I did pushups in the conference hallway. Yes, we got it on video for the Virtual Ticket attendees.

Oh, yeah. I should mention that you can still get the Virtual Ticket if you haven’t already, or you can add the Virtual Ticket to your live conference registration by emailing us or stopping by the registration booth.

I’ll drop another wrap-up (and more interviews) tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Blog Monetization Beyond Banner Ads


Speakers: Zac Johnson, John Chow, Syed Balkhi
Session: Monetizing Your Blog Beyond the Banner Ads
Date: Wednesday, May 25
Time: 3:45PM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A17

You did it! You finally made the decision to start your own blog and have finally made it to the point where you feel like you are an authority site, have a ton of great content to share with your readers and your RSS count and newsletter numbers are growing daily. However your revenue numbers have flat lined and you feel like you are blogging just for the sake of blogging. Why is everyone else making money with blogging and you aren’t?

Let’s cover three quick monetization methods you can use to take your established web site from hobby to potential full time job!

Create Your Own Product

You’ve already built a successfully blog ton of original content, why not expand on the same concept but with premium content or a learning course. Creating the perfect product for your web site will vary depending on what niche you are in, but it will also provide you with a completely new source of revenue that will be from something you created and own.

Build a Membership Web Site

If you’ve already created your own ebook or product, then a premium membership might be a great idea for your site. Memberships can be anything from a private forum, to having a members area filled with your best premium content that you don’t offer publicly on your blog. A membership can provide your blog with a nice monthly recurring income.

Sell Advertising & Review Products

If the idea of building your own products or membership programs seems too complex or overwhelming, you always have to option to sell advertising spots on your web site and review products that are related to your blog topic. Selling advertising on your web site is easier than you may think; you can sell directly or outsource to a third party. When promoting or review products or services in your niche, you can do this through affiliate marketing, which will allow you to earn a commission on every referred sale or lead from your web site.

These are just three simple ideas that could drastically expand the growth and revenue of your blog, while still offering a great deal of quality to your blog readers and not tarnishing their web site experience. If you are unsure which path is right for you, are scared of the idea of making money with your blog, feel free to ask you blog audience what they would like to see from the blog and if they would partake in “premium” services.

Learn More About Blog Monetization at Blog World New York

If you would like to learn how you can take your blog to the next level, and will be attending Blog World NY during May 24-26, 2011, please visit my session with John Chow and Syed Balkhi where we will be covering everything from beginner blog mistakes to full blog monetization.

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