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Subjot Combines Your Social Graph with Your Interest Graph


When I first joined Twitter, it was so exciting to see what so and so was having for lunch (really! it was) or have a 140 character conversation with someone about a new blog that just launched. These days, there is so much noise. So much noise.

A brand new New York based start up might be your answer to filtering out the things you don’t want to see. It’s called Subjot and they just launched today.

About Subjot, from their blog:

Subjot combines your social graph with your interest graph. We sometimes refer to it as a microforum: part microblog and part forum. You assign a subject to every post. You can find posts by subject and create a feed of only the subjects and people you care about. The emphasis on subjects helps you find friends, new and old, who share your interests, enabling you to have more meaningful conversations with them.

I signed up and the process is very simple. It first prompts you to sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account and then you are taken to a list of your friends (and friends of your friends) already on Subjot. Within the lists of friends are subjects they tweet or Facebook about the most. You check the ones you’re interested in and leave blank the ones you’re not. Think someone is super cool and you love everything they have to say? Then follow all their Jots.

Subjot is in beta and they say they’re developing new features such as “Subjot API, reposting jots, assigning multiple subjects per jot and private (invite-only) subjects.”

I’m going to test it out for awhile and see if I can filter out the noise and bring Twitter and Facebook back to the days when it was a little easier to find those gold nuggets of wisdom, humor and nice finds.

Give it a whirl and then come back here to give us your thoughts!

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