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Are Your Employees on LinkedIn? Three Profile Creation Tips from Stephanie Sammons


We often think of LinkedIn as a professional social network for individuals, but did you know LinkedIn could also help build your business? At BusinessNext 2013 (presented by NMX), speaker Stephanie Sammons, CEO of Wired Advisor, presented “7 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Building Your Business” – and today, I wanted to talk about one of the most important aspects she covered: profile creation for your employees.

“Everyone in the company needs to understand how to set up a good profile.”

The more your employees are visible on LinkedIn, the more your business will be visible on LinkedIn. Visibility leads to brand recognition, talent acquisition, and more, so it’s definitely good for every company to have a presence on LinkedIn. Consider spending a day training your employees on this platform, or at least covering the basics of creating a good profile. According to Stephanie, here’s what your employees need to keep in mind when creating a profile.

  • Professional and Accurate Information

One of the biggest mistakes people make with LinkedIn is not keeping the information up-to-date. An employee who is now a manager or even higher in your company might still have their previous job listed. Worse, employees might choose to have unprofessional information listed on their LinkedIn profile, which could reflect poorly on your company as a whole. Go over what is appropriate with your employees and encourage them to update often.

  • Frequent and Consistent Status Updates

Most people who use LinkedIn do not use the status update capability or they have it linked to Twitter, where updates are commonly pretty casual.  Instead, encourage your employees to update LinkedIn during the day, posting professional (and non-confidential) information about the daily happenings at the office.

  • Network Growth

Make sure your employees are linked with one another and encourage them to allow connections with other people they know. More 1st level connections lead to more 2nd level connections, which lead to more 3rd level connections…and these are all people who are, in some way, connected to your company. If your employees grow their connections, your visibility on this platform grows as well.

This just scratches the surface of Stephanie’s BusinessNext session at NMX 2013. Want the whole thing? Check out our 2013 Virtual Ticket, available exclusively at NMX University for access to her session as well as hundreds of other session recordings from our event.

How Blogging is Changing the Financial Services Landscape


Session Title: How Blogging in Financial Services is Helping Investors Achieve More
Speaker: Stephanie Sammons
Date: Tuesday, May 24
Time: 10:15 AM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A14

Blogging is making major inroads into the world of financial services. Major financial services firms, financial advisors, and even individual investors are leveraging blogging to share information, knowledge, ideas, and insights. They’re also successfully building connections and community in the process.

Although the financial services industry is heavily regulated and has suffered yet another credibility crises, blogging and social media are redefining the rules for investors, financial professionals, and financial services firms. Investors can greatly benefit from the information and expertise that is being shared and disclosed while firms and professionals can better position for success within their target markets through blogging.

I hope you’ll join me to learn more about the current landscape, trends, opportunities and challenges in the financial services world, and how blogging is successfully being integrated into the industry. Whether you’re an individual investor, financial professional, business owner, or someone who manages the family finances, you will learn how to benefit and capitalize on the “blogging in financial services” revolution!

Stephanie Sammons is Founder/CEO of Wired Advisor, a turnkey blogging and social media marketing platform for financial advisors and financial services firms. Stephanie has extensive leadership and training experience in financial services marketing with over 15 years at global financial services firms. As CEO of Wired Advisor, she is empowering financial professionals to build online influence by engaging niche communities around their unique thought leadership insights on navigating the financial opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter @stephsammons and also subscribe to her insights, tips, and updates for professionals from her personal blog at www.stephaniesammons.com.

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