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Shira Lazar

Toonblog: Closing keynote


This was a tough one to diagram – at times because I was laughing so hard (Penn Jillette nailing Adam Carolla around the mike handoff was the high point of the night for me), at others because the material was flowing so quickly. But what resonated most – for me, at any rate – was Penn’s passionate, hilariously profane defense of online connectedness. That, ultimately, is what brought us together for BlogWorld 2010, and it’s the spirit that I’m taking home with me.

Toonblog of the closing keynote presentation

Shira Can Haz Blog World


I had a chance to meet Shira Lazar in Hawaii at the So Much More Hawaii Tour this year.  She is a rising star in the world of new media and I wish her the best.  This is a video interview she did with Ben Huh out in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Both Shira and Ben spoke at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in 2009 and I am happy that they did this great interview.

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