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Search and Social Networks


Steve Rubel wrote an interesting post today regarding the inevitable social network revolution that is going to take place once search is heavily integrated.  As Steve points out the current state of search in social networks is only skin deep, meaning you cannot really drill down to get more information about people you may be connected with.  You are also not able to search the web from many of the social networks out there.  Steve believes that the future of social networks is going to allow us to search for anything and anyone we want from the social network interface.  For example, there are a few Facebook apps out there that let you search and monitor things such as a sports.

It sounds like what Steve is talking about is replacing conventional internet browsers with social networks.  Personally I think the two should remain separate.  I’m quite tired of new networks coming out that keep trying to integrate all of platforms and passwords together.  Friendfeed was supposed to be a great aggregator that was slated to be a “twitter killer” and look what happened, twitter is still going strong and many folks have even abandoned friendfeed because not their friends just weren’t signing up.  Sure it would be nice to have a more advanced friend and content search within social platforms by I say we leave it at that.

What’s your take on the future integration of search and social networks?  Do you see something like Facebook eventually becoming a web browser?

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