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Google Wants Twitter…Is Twitter King?


141010-googlelogo_180 Unless you’re hiding under some sort of stone in the past few days and weeks, you’ve most likely heard the rumors circulating and floating around that Google has officially expressed some interest in acquiring the wildly popular microblogging site, Twitter.  Wow.

Given the fact that newer rumors are now circulating that Twitter wouldn’t sell to Google, not even for $1 Billion, it’s so far looking highly unlikely that Twitter would ever take the bait, take the check and relinquish control, but nevertheless, the simple fact that Google is expressing the interest they are says a great deal more than whether or not they sell or not.  Let’s face it, right now, Twitter just might be king.

The question that remains is, WHY does Google want Twitter?  Are they in the habit and pattern of just buying what is hot and what is popular while they are still on top, as they did with YouTube, or do they see something of a threat in Twitter?  It’s clear that Twitter’s “real-time search” is a big deal and something that Google as of now doesn’t have, but is it enough to threaten Google?  No.  So why?  That question remains to be answered and given the fact that in today’s economic climate, many companies are actually trying to shave costs, the acquisition of a company that so far has shown it’s a bit difficulty generating revenue, it doesn’t make much sense.

According to an article in PCWorld recently, many are speculating as to why and what Twitter represents to Google.  In an interview in the article:

“Twitter is clearly hot. The phenomenon of real time search and the ability to capture this stream of ‘tweet’ discussions is an important development in social media and search because people are trying to mine data for information that might otherwise be sought in a search engine…This whole phenomenon Twitter represents is here to stay and needs to be addressed by search engines.”

My best guess, Google wants Twitter so no one ELSE can have it.  The age old story, I want you, so no one else can.  What do you think…why is Google even entering the rumor mill about wanting Twitter?  Sound off…

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