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How to Recession-Proof Your Blog


Earlier this week, I was explaining what I do for a living to someone I was meeting for the first time, and he asked me an interesting question:

Blogging seems to only be growing. Did you see a dip in income due to the recession? Or would you say this is a fairly recession-proof industry?

I don’t pretend to be an expert in economics. In fact, I know very little about economics. What I do know, however, is that my wallet is a bit lighter, and I don’t think their are as many blogging jobs floating around as their once were. In addition, it is slightly harder to sell products, since consumers have less money to spend. This industry is definitely not recession-proof.

Blogs have failed over the past year because of the recession, though. Good blogs. Great blogs, even. If you work for someone else (like I do for BlogWorld Expo), you could get “laid off” essentially because they don’t have the money to upkeep the blog anymore. Bloggers who work for themselves, running their own blogs, have also had to make tough decisions – blogs have died because the blogger just couldn’t turn a profit, even with great content. Times are tough.

So, I’d like to go over a few ways in which you can recession-proof your blog, especially if you’re thinking about starting a new blog. As an experienced blogger, you might be able to adjust what you’re doing already to keep your blog functional, even when you’re seeing less of an income. Nothing in any industry can be truly recession-proof, but hopefully, these tips will help your blog make it through to the other side. Continue Reading

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