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Guest Posts? Sometimes, the Answer is "No"


I love guest posts. Although I haven’t had much time for guest posting lately, I think it’s fun to reach new readers, especially when you blog in a related niche that isn’t exactly the same as the niche you’re in. New eyeballs are always a plus, and even if you don’t drive a ton of traffic back to your own site, you can make some cool contacts that could come in handy later. It nothing else, you’ve connected with another blogger, which is rarely a bad thing. Guest posting is a form of social networking in some respects.

I’m saying all this because I don’t want to sound like I’m completely poo-pooing guest posts. Sometimes, guest posts can be great!

Other times, not so much. All the blogging experts out there tell you to post, post, post on others’ blogs to promote your own blog, but sometimes, frankly, that’s a really stupid idea.

The Time Factor

I already mentioned that I haven’t done much guest posting myself lately due to lack of time. I’m currently in the pre-launch period for a large product I’ll be selling later this month, I’m running After Graduation completely solo, and I’m blogging here, for JobMonkey, and for Binge Gamer. I also have a few writing clients who order work regularly, and I occasionally like to have a life. So right now, guest posts aren’t in the stars. Heck, right now, having a life isn’t even really in the stars!

Don’t get bogged down thinking that you have no time – but if your own blog has to take a backseat because you’re doing so many guest posts, you aren’t prioritizing your hours correctly. After all, the point of guest posting is to drive traffic back to your own blog, right? If your own blog is empty, readers aren’t going to stick. Your personal blog and your personal products need to come first. Only use left-over time for guest posting.

The Topic Problem

Ok, let’s say that you do have enough time for guest posting. That’s great! Time to email all the awesome bloggers you know, right? No! *Whap* That was me whapping you on the back of the head. Whap is a technical term. Trust me; I’m a professional.

Anyway, right now is not a good time to guest post because you haven’t really thought through your subject matter. Guest posts should add tons of value to the blog posting your content, but at the same time, they should benefit you as a blogger. What are you promoting on your blog? That message needs to carry over with your guest posts. Continue Reading

Five Ways to Keep Up with all this New Media Crap


So, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a blogger. The idea of a blog probably sounded pretty good when you started – the freedom and flexibility of a low cost publishing platform, whether to promote yourself, your businesses, or maybe you’re paid to blog and promote someone else’s businesses.

But now, you need to Tweet your posts, Retweet other people‚s posts, cultivate your Facebook Fan page, add your photos on the Flickr, submit your posts to Stumbleupon and Digg, record YouTube videos, and comment on other blogs. It’s not smelling like roses anymore, is it? Well, here are a few tips and suggestions for keeping up with all this new media crap (tongue-in-cheek).

Batch Your Work. Productivity gurus have long since said that batching your work is more efficient, and it is true. I use Hootsuite to spend 15 minutes every Monday and setup interesting tweets and Facebook updates for the week. Just like you sit down to read the newspaper, I sit down and go through my RSS feeds and pull out things of interest to others. Batching doesn’t hurt anybody and in fact offers you the opportunity to send out updates at a time more convenient for readers in another time zone than you.

Continue Reading

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