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Hello, I’m Ewan Spence. You’ve Never Head of Me Before


Let’s start with a simple statement, as I stand and look at myself in a metaphorical mirror.

You don’t know me.

There we go, simple as that. I’m just a name, but think about this – you already know a lot about me. The first is that Rick and the team at BlogWorld must think I know something, because they’ve asked me to do not just one blog post here on the site, but a series of them on podcasting. I take it you trust the team here, which means that I’m now a name you’ve just heard of that has a little bit of credibility.

You’d probably head off to do a bit of searching online for me to find out if I have the experience to go along with that trust. I you do that you won’t find a wikipedia page (not enough people know me, remember?), but you’ll likely find a Twitter account (@ewan), a website (www.ewanspence.com), and the obligatory appearance on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ewanspence).

What about podcasting itself? Well I’ve done a few – there’s six years worth of unsigned and unknown bands over on TPC Rock, my annual “daily chat show” from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe picked up a British Academy BAFTA nomination, and the Eurovision Insight podcast is one of the leading shows based around the annual Song Contest.

Hopefully this gives you an idea that I’ve been around the block in terms of podcasting, and that I’ve experience in a number of different areas of production, using a variety of techniques, and monetised many of my shows.

I can also be subtle.

If I was handed your name, what would my first impression be? What would I find online, and how would it reflect on you? Would it make me curious, would it make me want to read your site, listen to your show, watch your videos? Or would it leave me cold, would it leave me thinking “there’s someone that missed something”, would there be something that would discourage people?

The old rule of first impressions counting applies equally as well online as it does in a real-life social setting. It was simple to look in the mirror before being introduced at a debutantes ball, it’s a lot harder to remember to hold up a mirror to your online self and see what is reflected back.

Over the next weeks and months, I want to explore podcasting with you, here on the BlogWorld blog. But to do that I need you to be willing to join me on that journey. No matter what you want from an online presence, you’ll likely want people to join you, be it through a story, to buy a product, or to engage with your media.

They’ll pick up on clues around your site, around the internet, and around what you do. Are you leaving the right clues for your audience?

Image Credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Monetization Monday: Blodads Profile


Let’s face it, some bloggers (like me) are just NOT good at sales – especially ad sales! There’s where a company like blogads comes in. I’ve been using blogads for a little over a year now on my celebrity website, and have had pretty good success.

With blogads, you can set your own pricing, your own placement of the ads, and you have the option to decline potential advertisers if you don’t think that they are a good fit with your audience. The hardest part of the entire process was actually getting IN to the network! Your best shot is via referral, and even that can take a while. As blogads says, “in general we’re not accepting new publishers“.

Your blog must have been around for at least 6 months, and they want to see an average of at least 1000 pageviews a day.

They take a 14% commission when ads are purchased through a link on your website. If the sale is initiated on their end, they take a 30% commission.

Payout Options:
Paypal, Wire transfer, or check.

Ad Sizes:
Blogads offers 7 different ad sizes (available in jpg/gif or flash):

  • Hi Rise (150×600)
  • Standard (150×200)
  • Mini (150×100)
  • Classified (500 characters of text)

Blogads has a pretty broad base of blogs that they accept, with over fifty niches such as parents, liberals, gays, lesbian, baseball fans, tech-lovers, conservatives, New Yorkers, environmentalists, news junkies, milblogs, lawyers, economists, and foodies.

Blogads are very easy to set up. Once you are approved, you provide your payment information and then set up your pricing options for each ad unit, and length of time (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2months). They then provide you with a strip of javascript code that you can input directly into your sidebar. Approved ads will automatically display where you place the javascript snippet.

Sample Sites Using Blogads:
PerezHilton, Dailykos, Dlisted and more.

Do you have a recommended company for me to profile? Shoot me an email with the company information, URL, and any thoughts you have!

Nikki Katz is the Managing Editor for the BlogWorld Blog. Feel free to follow her Twitter @nikki_blogworld and @katzni

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