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keynote It has been a long road or journey, one that I might pack for differently given what I know now, but a journey that has been fun.  I first agreed to help work this conference as far back as 2006 when I first met Rick Calvert in Seattle at a blogging conference.  I have seen our BlogWorld & New Media Expo go from an idea to one of the largest, if not THE largest conferences in this industry.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to have worked in the capacity of Conference Chairman this year, putting together the lineup.  I have some big shoes to fill with Dave Taylor having done this in previous events.  It has been a number of 20 hour days and lots of phone calls and meetings and emails and tweets and pony express riders to get to this day but we are finally here.

The speaker “grid” as we like to call it has been posted and we will be discussing it at length today on Blog World Expo Radio on Blog Talk Radio.  My guest on the show will be Rob Walch, the brains behind the podcasting and video tracks.  The tracks Rob worked on were very important because they are a culmination of experts that will be representing our first blending of New Media Expo and BlogWorld& New Media Expo.  As you may remember, we acquired that event that was similar in nature to ours and that announcement was made back in December of 2008.  We hope that the lineup we have for this year will be as great as the podcasting and videocasting world has come to expect from that event.

Feel free to give us feedback on the lineup thus far.  As you can see with its current state it is a living and breathing document.  Believe me when I say I have tried numerous times to beat it into submission and make it behave, and most of the time it has beat me back.  There are some tracks that we have yet to put into the system and some that are still be worked on and probably the most difficult items are yet to be completed, the keynotes for the event.  I can assure you those will be dynamite!

Thank you for your patience, especially to all of the hundreds, of people that made submissions for sessions or presentations.  It was very difficult to choose from the number of presentations.  We did not have any difficulty in getting quality speakers from the many that submitted.  I would urge you to get your ticket and register for this group of fine presentations. The speakers and experts we have assembled will allow you to justify spending some time in Las Vegas, October 15-17, 2009.

The Speakers Lineup Taking Shape For 2009: A Quick Update


keynote1 All this week I have been working with the staff here to get the lineup of speakers put together for the event and we are just now after pouring through the many submissions and proposals sending out the emails of those that have been accepted as part of our curriculum and those that were not chosen to be speakers at the show.  I also have a long list of people I will be contacting in the next few days to interview and discuss with them their proposals to further determine if they will or will not be accepted.  This is a long process to say the least.  We had a very large number of proposals and have a small amount of places for those proposals to fit.  To all of those that have proposed a role in our event, first of all thank you, and second we appreciate your patience.

2008 twitter-session-with-erin-kotecki-vest-stowe-boyd-blogworld-2008
We are alerting all of you that are definitely part of the program and those that could not be accepted, and we are even alerting you if you are still in my pile of “maybe” for lack of a better term.  Those emails are being sent out as I type this post.  I wanted to have something here that might explain why you received the email you did and make you aware of the fact that our lineup is in an early stage of development.  I can answer questions here or via email as well, so please feel free to contact me.  If you have not received an email of acceptance or an email telling you your proposal was not accepted it is because I am still in the process of either contacting you or working to get space for the session or waiting on another session to be developed to allow us to decide.

I am very excited with the sessions, the content of the conference and what we have in store for the attendees at our event.  You can follow my Twitter stream to get further info at @Genuine you can follow the blogworld feed @blogworld or email me at jim at blogworldexpo dot com.

To all of you that have been accepted as speakers this year CONGRATULATIONS! Now please start spreading the word. Blog, Tweet, Podcast and upload videos to YouTube and let folks know you are speaking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo This year! Link back to this post and we will do the same and retweet your announcements.

To everyone who submitted a speaking proposal this year regardless of if you were accepted or not; THANK YOU! I look forward to meeting everyone of you at BlogWorl d & New Media Expo this year.

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