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Sometimes You May Want to Change Your Permalink


You know you’ve done it – hit “Publish” on your blog post and then said “whoops, I misspelled something in the title.” You pop back in, change the text, update your post, and go on your merry way.

But did you know the URL stays the same? If your title was included in the URL, the misspelling will remain there unless you choose to edit the permalink – which is feasible in most blogging platforms. The question is – do you want to? Should you?

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Permalink:
You shouldn’t change your permalink if it’s not that big of a mistake. Because once you change it – all of the RSS feeds that have already pulled in your post will now link to an error page. Not very good for your readers or SEO.

Why You Should Change Your Permalink:
If you had something way off in your title – something that people could misinterpret or it could reflect badly on your site if caught – you should consider changing the permalink. Perhaps like this from FOX:

From the permalink you can gather that the original title read Drunk CBS Reporter Speaks Utter Gibberish at Grammys. The new title is Did CBS Reporter Speaking Gibberish at Grammys Have a Stroke? but they kept the permalink the same. This is a case where they might’ve wanted to change the permalink!

What do you think?

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