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Blogging From My iPhone – My First Attempt at Mobile Blogging


I don’t know why, but I’ve never tried to mobile blog before. Actually there are probably a variety of reasons … I’m not a texter by nature, I mispell way too many words when I type in my phone (thank goodness for auto-correct), and I type much faster on the computer.

But there are other reasons too. In my past life as a blogger, I covered entertainment topics. This required me to upload celebrity images from other websites, embed videos, etc. Not easily done from a mobile device! Of course there are times, like when I was doing a red carpet event, that it would have been handy to whip out my phone, snag a picture, and upload it with an interview clip to my site. (Like when Peter Facinelli tweeted from my phone at the MTV Movie Awards last year. The picture below is from my camera – so I can test the photo upload aspect of mobile blogging!)

I see THAT as the biggest perk to mobile blogging … Immediacy. I can imagine mobile blogging when it is a topic that is important to my readers and/or timely and I want to beat my competition. The only other time I can see myself doing this is if I’m away from my desk and want to get a post started.

And so perhaps that is how I will use it in the future – but I can’t imagine using it frequently, because the drawback of mobile blogging is that I cannot format my post how I want! Where are all my HTML tags to bold and italicizes and add lists? And hotlinking? And aligning my pictures? It is going to kill me to see this post, all barren and bland. But I could see using mobile blogging if I already set up a post ahead of time (with formatting at the top) for a live blogging session, or if I wanted to start a draft and then post/edit it later.

Now that my fingers are killing me, I’m going to find out how to Publish this. In the meantime, how and why do you use mobile blogging?

Google, Coming to a Cell Phone Near You


Word on the street is that Google and Verizon are close to cutting a deal together that will allow google to be the default search browswer on all verizon phones.  The mobile search market is still relatively new and to be honest, the Iphone is probably one of the only phones out there that even makes internet browsing on the phone an easy and enjoyable experience.  Venture Beat also mentions that google has a worked out a deal with nokia earlier this year to be places on all of their phones as well.  If we think google is big now, just wait until the mobile search market takes off.

According to Silicon Alley Insider:

“Some 17 million mobile subscribers use mobile search, according to comScore M:Metrics. That’s a pathetic 7% of the U.S. mobile market — which means some 93% of mobile subscribers aren’t using mobile search.”

The obvious reason that google wants to be first on the mobile search scene is because google thinks that more can actually be made through mobile search than through desktop/laptop search.  Mobile advertising is going to be a huge new revenue stream that is very untapped and will probably remain so for at least another couple of years.

A quote from Webpronews by Eric Schmidt says:

“We can make more in mobile than desktop eventually.  The reason [is] because the mobile computer is more targeted.  Think about it: you carry your phone everywhere, it knows all about you.  We can do a very, very targeted ad.  Over time, we will make more money for mobile advertising.”

I think this trend toward making phones more like little laptops is also going to give rise to an increase in mobile blogging.  WordPress already has a nifty little mobile application that let’s you write and post to your blog from the iphone, but are we going to see mobile blogging really take over?  Eventually I think so.  One of the things bloggers do the most before they write is research topics via google.  If searching on mobile phones became as it easy as it is on laptops, then I think mobile bloggers will start springing up all over the place!

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