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Run Though This Checklist Every Six Months for a Rocking Blog


Blogs have a little way of getting…off track, shall we say? I’ve started blogs with a very different picture in mind than what I have today. I’ve quit blogs that I previously felt passionate about because I lost the love. I’ve mentally kicked myself in the tushie for not making the time to make my million and one ideas come to life and seeing someone else capitalize on an idea I had a year ago.

So, I created the checklist I want to share with you all today. Run through this checklist every six months to get back on track and stay focused. No matter what your niche, we all need that reminder sometimes. All you have to do is answer these questions…and then, more importantly, TAKE ACTION to improve your blog.

My Blogging Future

  • Do I really still love my niche and the blog I’m creating or is it time to give it up to pursue other ventures? (I know, a toughie right out of the gate.)
  • What is my MAIN goal (making money, sharing information about a cause, promoting a business, etc.)? Is every post I write helping me achieve that goal?

Design and Function

  • Do I still love the overall design/theme of my blog or is it time for a change?
  • Are all the elements on my sidebar necessary?
  • Are there any elements I should add to my sidebar?
  • Is it easy for readers to share posts?
  • Is it easy for readers to find my contact information and social media profiles?
  • Are there any new plugins or widgets I should try?
  • Is there an easy-to-use mobile version of my site?

Search Engine Traffic

  • What terms do I want people to use to find my blog?
  • Have I answered questions that people in this niche naturally search for?
  • Where are there knowledge gaps that I can fill using keywords (great post on that here)?


  • Is it easy to subscribe to my blog via RSS and email?
  • Am I writing posts that interest long-time readers, not just posts that attract search traffic?
  • Do I reward my subscribers in any way (giveaways, promotions, deals on my own products, exclusive content)?
  • Do I remember to promote the best of the best products to my subscribers?


  • Do I interact with people via social media every day?
  • Do I promote my posts well with social media?
  • Are my headlines captivating to people will click on links (headline advice here)?
  • Do my social interactions and broadcasts effectively build the brand I’m creating on my blog?


  • Am I doing enough internal linking?
  • Am I doing enough external linking?


  • Could I compile some posts or write a short report/ebook/guide to give away to readers?
  • Is there an informational product I could create to sell on my blog?
  • Would it be a good idea for me to produce a podcast or video series?


  • Can I interview anyone in the niche or another niche that would be valuable for readers?
  • Can I guest post on anyone’s blog to introduce myself to a new audience?
  • Can I approach anyone for a guest post that would be beneficial?
  • Am I a go-to resource in my niche for beginners and experienced readers alike?
  • Are my posts organized into categories and tagged well?
  • Would it make sense for me to start a weekly or monthly series on a certain topic?
  • Am I posting often enough (or too often)?
  • Are there old, irrelevant posts I should delete?

Answer these questions honestly and working to improve your blog based on your answers can help you stay on track. Are there questions you would add to this checklist? If so, leave them as comments!

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