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Introducing the .ME Loyalty Program: Awesome rewards from .ME to you! (Sponsored Post)


NMX December blog post_ME

For over ?ve years, the .ME domain has been the perfect virtual home for talented bloggers looking to personalize their online presence. We are therefore extremely excited to be back in our NMX booth for the opportunity to interact with some of the best and most promising bloggers, from all over the world.

We have developed a wonderful relationship with the NMX family over the years, and have enjoyed seeing the conference blossom and evolve, always at the cutting edge of digital content delivery. Having attended fantastic keynotes year after year, and having seen the work of talented bloggers that came to our booth, we truly have a special appreciation for the effort it takes to produce relevant content of outstanding quality, gain readership and be consistent about maintaining your blog while, oftentimes, juggling other commitments. Blogging is truly a labor of love, and can only be done if backed by great passion – the kind that can overcome burnout, blank page terror and procrastination fairies (yes, these are real. It’s been scientifically proven).

This is exactly the kind of passion we admire, and to honor the wonderful bloggers that are a part of the .me family, we are proud to introduce the .ME Loyalty Program. The platform, which will be available as of January 2014, is an exciting way to collect points and redeem rewards for showing your love for .ME. Rewards include T-shirts, domain name and hosting packages, gift card vouchers and much more!

It’s incredibly easy – all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up at http://dot.me
  2. Collect points
  3. Redeem rewards

Join the conversation, spread the word, bring your friends and become eligible for awesome perks and prizes!

You can join the .ME Loyalty Program during NMX by signing up with Facebook, and using the #domainME hashtag. We would also like to invite everyone attending NMX to stop by booth number 607 to chat with us, pose for personalized photos and take home awesome swag that we’ve designed for the blogger on the go.

For more information about the platform and program, follow our social media channels and keep an eye out for announcements:

We appreciate your support and hard work, and are looking forward to being able to give back to our outstanding community. Become a part of it today and help us make the Internet more personal!

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