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Logitech Releases Fold-up Keyboard for the iPad 2


You can now pre-order a fold-up keyboard for your iPad 2 from Logitech. It’s an interesting concept that I’m not quite sure is going to sell well. Especially after the review given by Engadget and with the $129 price tag attached.

Here are the features:

  • When closed, the keyboard rest securely underneath your iPad for easy transport
  • When open, it holds the iPad at an ideal angle for typing
  • Keyboard is fully sized
  • Keyboard wakes up instantly as soon as it’s unfolded and is ready to use
  • Charges over USB, no need for batteries
  • You can continue to use your Smart Cover even with the keyboard

Engadget said the keyboard was a little stiff and not quite the quality they were hoping for. What do you think? To all of you iPad 2 users, is this something you would find useful?

Images: Logitech

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