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7 Reasons Why Why Bloggers Should Live Blog


… by Marcie Hill

Bloggers are quickly gaining credibility as news creators and distributors. This is due to the multitude of topics shared, the consistency of postings as well as the different media formats used to relay stories. You can easily go above and beyond traditional news sources because of your freedom and flexibility to create. Since you are already sharing information to a targeted audience, why not consider adding live blogging to your repertoire?

Marcie Hill Live blogging is real-time reporting. Unlike traditional blogging, you can share your story as events unfold and engage your audience in real-time. Still not convinced? Following are seven reasons why you should live blog.

  1. Share your story in real-time
    Live blogging allows you to provide details of events and happenings as they occur. You will also have the opportunity to relay conversations you are having with people onsite. This will not only enhance your story, it will boost your credibility as a news source.

  2. Immediate engagement with online audience
    With traditional blogging, you write now and allow for comments later. With live blogging, you and the readers can connect during the live blogging session. You can ask questions, answer questions, get feedback and even poll them depending on the event and software used.

  3. Multimedia Skills
    If you don’t have multimedia skills, you will definitely get them live blogging. You can immediately add images, videos and audio files to your live blog in progress, thus diversifying your content and skill set.

  4. Get paid.
    There are three main ways you can get paid to live blog. First, you charge for live blogging services. Second, you use the content for stories to submit to paying publications after the live blog. Third, make the live blog content exclusive so people will have to pay to view it.

  5. Additional blog content.
    The content you are live blogging may be relevant to the topics on your blog. Just summarize it and make it a post. If the content isn’t relevant, you may twist the subject a bit to fit your blog. Additionally, it may serve as a guest post.

  6. Build relationships.
    With live blogging, you have to appeal to two audiences – onsite and online. This leaves room for lots of relationship building. These people may become followers of your blog, future clients or both.

  7. More exposure to events, knowledge and people.
    Blogging opens doors to a world of opportunities. You can live blog the topics beyond those on your site. Venture into other industries that interest you. Try different events. With each new experience will come even more chances to take your blog to new heights.

Above are just a few reasons why bloggers should consider live blogging. You will not only expand your blogging knowledge, you will diversify your content and connect with your audience in real-time.

Marcie Hill, founder and President of The Write Design Company, is an entrepreneur, published journalist and professional blogger. She is also the author of The ABCs of Live Blogging: Quick Tips for Live Blogging Success. Follow her on Twitter @thewritedesign

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