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‘The QR Code Trip’ @BlogWorld


… by Tom Hoehn – Director, Worldwide Interactive Marketing/Kodak

Bring your QR code game face to BlogWorld because we have cooked up some fun for you.

The social media team’s at Ford, Kodak and PepsiCo have banded together to bring an interesting activity to BlogWorld called ‘The QR Code Trip.’ Attendees will be able to enter a contest by activating QR codes to find the answers to questions from the three brands. Entrants will also be asked to Follow/Like the companyís sites on Twitter and Facebook. There will be two daily prizes and one grand prize chosen from the pool of entries.

We thought that this would be a fun way for BWE’ers to use new media to engage with our brands. Entry forms will be available in each of our booths; Ford #127, Kodak #301, and PepsiCo #101.

I know the Kodak team is looking forward to coming back to BlogWorld. It is always nice to meet people IRL that we interact with throughout the year. Make sure you stop in to say; ‘Hi’ to @KodakCB (Jenny Cisney), @KodakEvents (Tina Clark), and me (@TomHoehn). See you in Vegas!

Kodak, Blogging and BlogWorld & New Media Expo


Last month was the four year anniversary of Kodak’s first blog, 1000Words. It was our initial step into the world of social media. Since then we have added multiple Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube Channels, LinkedIn, Flickr and two more blogs – all of which can be found at kodak.com/go/followus. Throughout it all the blogs have remained at the center of our social media strategy. In our blog posts we are not limited to 140 characters or the limitations of wall post features. We can add photos, videos and links which make a richer experience. We use the other social media sites to direct readers to the blog posts where we can tell our story to the fullest.

Look for Tina, Jenny and Tom at the Kodak booth at BlogWorld

There are certain measures we have taken to contribute to the success of 1000Words. We have posted every business day since the launch of September 2006. Readers know there will always be fresh content. We also have a strict policy regarding our comments. They are published immediately rather than being held up in a moderation system before being posted. We take down inappropriate comments… spam, vulgarities after the fact and we never delete negative comments. Rather we take the opportunity to address any issues. A blog without regular posting and open comments is just a web page, not a blog.

What we blog about has also been essential for 1000Words. Not every post is about our products. Yes, some posts are about Kodak events, contests and product announcements, but many of the posts are just stories about our pets, our vacations and moments in our lives. The posts are written by various Kodak employees, from copywriters, marketing manager, IT folks, security crew, designers and more. They are our experts and the best people to tell our story on our blog. There is valuable content like tricks and tips and moving stories of photography. Maintaining a blog schedule (my job) is key to keeping a steady stream of posts that are timely and relevant. I keep track of what is going on internally (product announcements, events) and externally (holidays, trends) in order to offer readers posts that are what they are looking for.

Our blogs are such an important part of our social media activity it is easy to see why we are so excited to be at BlogWorld. We will have a booth on the show floor where we will be shooting creative interactive videos with the new Kodak PlayTouch Pocket Video Camera. We will also be partnering with Ford and Pepsi on a QR Code Trip contest. Stay tuned for more about that. Our Interactive Marketing Director, Tom Hoehn will be speaking on a panel “How to create a social media policy” on October 15 at 4:00PM. We hope to see you there, otherwise you can read all about it on our blog!

Participate in the BlogWorld Video WalkAbout and Check Out Kodak’s New HD Video Camera!


Jeffrey Powers

BlogWorld 2010 Speaker
Digital Broadcasting Track
Saturday October 16, 2010
Time: 12:15PM to 1:15PM

We are happy to announce that the learning sessions are not just limited to the session rooms. Sometimes, you just have to get out in the wild and make your content.

In the session “Record Life at BlogWorld & New Media Expo”, we will be meeting at the Kodak booth on Saturday at 12:15 PM. Your guide – Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine.com will be explaining how to use a handheld digital camera to capture life at any event.

Jeffrey will talk about lighting, sound and how to capture the moment. You will then be sent off to do just that – capture the moment.

Don’t have a camera? That’s OK. Kodak’s newest HD video camera – the PlayTouch, will be available to borrow for this session, courtesy of Kodak. (Cameras are limited to 20. To reserve yours, claim a ticket at our Eventbrite for this session. If tickets run out, you can still attend with your own video camera!)

If you do have your own camera, bring it along, too. We will collect all the footage after an hour, then work on putting together a montage of BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

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