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Everloop Social Media Site For Tweens, But Will They Use It?


Everloop, a new social network that aims to be a Facebook alternative for tweens, is launching today with schools, brands and investors already on board. The question is, will kids use it?

They might – considering Everloop is COPPA compliant and can be used in the school systems (unlike the more well-known Facebook). But they might not, considering their friends may already be on Facebook – and then who needs another social media site anyway!! I think it will take some serious nudging by parents and teachers alike to make them consider and make the switch. Or maybe just some cool games – considering that’s all my 9-year-old does with Facebook anyway!

Everloop does require parental verification and allows for parent supervision. And unlike Facebook, where a tween can just lie about their birthday and get an account, Everloop goes through an authentication process for the parent account (by a $1 charge on your credit card, or verifying your social security number). Once signed up, parents can choose to restrict certain features, and they can also choose which notifications they’d like to receive. In April, a partnership with Internet safety education program i-Safe will bring the Everloop network into about 56,000 schools.

The site does not allow kids to post information that could identify them to strangers, and prevents bullying and inappropriate behavior. According to the press release, Everloop’s unique, age-appropriate social media experience created by intertwined micro-networks called “loops” is unlike any other social platform on the market today. Loops featured on Everloop include communities of common interest (art, science, culture, reading, sports, current affairs etc.), creative applications for the creation of digital art, music, social games, videos, photos, animation, premium content e-storefront, user-generated content, and other integrated online learning experiences.

I just signed my tween up to test it out – and then we can get a first-hand review of whether or not it’s something she’ll continue to use!

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