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Vlogging. It’s all the rage!


Session: Breaking Into Parent Vlogging in the Type-A Parent Track
Speaker: Jenny Ingram (Jenny On the Spot)

Vlogging. Definitely not one of my most favorite words… yet it is the wave of the online future… Well I think it is. But is vlogging only for the young daredevils, musical prodigies or hip teens showcasing their shopping hauls?

I say NO!!

On Friday November 4th I hope you will join the video savvy Clay Nichols of daldabs.com and me for our groundbreaking Breaking Into Parent Vlogging session in the Type-A Parent track!


Because that is an action word.

At this session we will be sharing ALL our vlogging secrets! You want to hear about time-saving tips? Come to our session! Money saving tips and tricks? Come on in! Questions about the basics… or where to publish those videos, or editing, or music… or…? We’ll address those things too! Time permitting…. And since it is Clay and me… who really knows what can happen.

Do you have any questions NOW that we can make sure gets to our session? Be sure to leave them in the comments!

Personally, adding the “parent” part to vlogging doesn’t make vlogging any different. Except the noise. And the distraction… and the unexpected element only children can add. Or animals. Other than that… it’s all VLOGGING!

If you are unable to attend… here are a few nuggets of advice to get you off to a solid start:

  • Never underestimate the power of GREAT lighting. Go the extra mile for that. A simple solution is using a lamp without a shade. And a white light – not yellow (to be clear). Set the lamp several feet away to avoid a hard light effect that sometimes gives an unappealing shine.
  • To save time, shoot more than one video at a time. I don’t get “camera ready” everyday, so often times I will shoot at least 2 videos. It saves time and it is really smart to save time. I’m not saying one must get “camera ready”. But some of us may see the value in that.
  • Talk to the camera like it’s a friend. That takes practice. So… practice. And also… make sure you are talking to the camera and not looking at yourself while talking “to” the camera. This also…. takes practice.

Oh, I’ll add a 4th… I’m a giver — PRACTICE. If you are nervous on-camera just shoot for the sole purpose of getting comfortable. Watch yourself. Learn about you and how you have that silly sniff or constantly pet your own hair when you are nervous… Learn about yourself. I learned I may or may not have one eye that is ill-sized compared to the other.

Maybe. And there maybe nothing that can be done about some things.

I have been vlogging since 2008. Since then, I have made every mistake in vlogging. Despite this, I have been invited into the YouTube partner program. See? Hope! I have co-lead several lead panels and workshops at other conferences (Blissdom 11, Evo 11 and BlogHer 11), and have learned that there are countless great questions to answer. I’d love to see the conversation begin right here – before we even get to BlogWorld. Video blogging can be as simple or as complex as one makes it. It is my hope that our session will help make vlogging be a fun and profitable add to your site.

Hear what else Jenny has to say about her session and BlogWorld LA:

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I am jennyonthespot on YouTube, @jennyonthespot on Twitter, and my blog… jennyonthespot.com.

Image credit Justin Hackworth

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