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I Love Twitter


I love Twitter, and I might be addicted.

Fortunately – or unfortunately – I have to work all day and so can’t access Twitter until I get home around six.  Even then, I don’t dwell on Twitter Lane as many people seem to do; I just love to walk up and down the Twittersphere and look into people’s windows every chance I get.

I think we choose our Twitter friends as we choose our blogroll; someone interests us in some way, so we add him/her.  Oh, sure, there are people who add and follow anybody and everybody, but I’m not that girl, either.  I have to be interested in the potential Twitter friend, and the potential Twitter friend must have a blog.  MySpace doesn’t count.

That’s right, that’s right, you read it right:  I don’t follow anyone who doesn’t have a personal blog.

I also don’t follow anyone who uses a lot of profanity or too much text code.

Perhaps I’m an odd Twitterer, but I don’t really think so.  But, just what’s the Twitter attraction for someone like me?  Answer:  many things!!!

There are some really nice people following me, and BEING followed by me.  I find their tweets interesting, and I like to join in when I can.  I also discovered that people on Twitter are helpful and knowledgeable: a lovely combination indeed.  I asked a techie question (sort of) last night, and a whole lot of people were kind enough to tell me what to do.  I appreciated that a lot.  A WHOLE lot!  I took their advice and my problem was solved, too.

To sum up:  Twitter is cool.  The people there are nice.  I like Twitter.

Oh, I’m sorry, did you say something?  I was looking at these really sweet pictures a Twitter friend sent me; they’re fascinating.

Mmm, Twitter.  Love it.

Social Media Shrinks the Planet and Enlarges Our Lives


Social Media has so many facets; it’s impossible to cover them all in any one blog post, or even any one BOOK.  Yes, we make friends online.  Yes, we run businesses online.  Yes, we ask and get advice online.  Yes, we make purchases online.  The list goes on and on.

For me, personally, one of the most awesome things the internet – and I hang out mostly in the Blogosphere and on Twitter – has to show and teach us is that this earth of ours is populated by real people, the vast majority of whom are very nice people.

Not only that: the internet makes us all better people by giving us living proof that even though people might be of different cultures, ethnicities, political stances, races, and any other category that might come to anyone’s mind, we all have something to give each other and teach each other and show each other that will enhance and enrich each other’s lives.

The Blogosphere also proves to us that people whose lifestyles are different from ours, even to the extreme, are really still just people who have more in common with us than either of us thinks.

By peeking through each other’s windows, via social media, we can see that we are all just, well, nice people with much to offer each other, different though our personal viewpoints on certain issues might be.  We make each other smarter and better and nicer by reading what other people have to say.

In our “real” lives, many of us don’t have the opportunity to meet people who are “different” from us.  In the Blogosphere, however, we are all sitting on each other’s sofas and there is much we are all learning from each other.

I think one of the main things we are all learning is that we really aren’t THAT different from each other, and that no matter what kind of opinions and occupations and lifestyles we might have,  we are all trying to make a living, have fun, raise children, deal with problems, pay bills, and deal with life.

I firmly believe that the more we know about each other – the more interaction we have with people – the more we will realize that we are all much more alike than we are different, and this is a very good thing indeed.

The Parenting Blogosphere: A REAL Reality Show in Progress


bellezappa There are TONS of parents in the Blogosphere, and none of them knows everything about rearing children.

(One raises alfalfa; one rears children.  Semantics, semantics, semantics. . . .)

However, we all know SOMEthing about rearing children, and if you put all of the “somethings” together, we just might have everything.  Maybe.

It’s not just parents with young children who live in the Blogosphere, you know.  There are also older parents whose children are grown and gone, but these people are parents, nonetheless!  Often, these experienced parents are the missing link when it comes to the combined forces of the Blogosphere knowing “something” and knowing “everything!”

For someone like me, for example, with grown children and a shipload of experience but no takers in my real life, blogging about the joys and sorrows and delights and frustrations of raising children is a cathartic thing, with a lot of the bad memories miraculously and conveniently erased.  But to a young parent, some small thing I mention might make a world of difference!  I hope so, anyway.

This applies to many areas, of course, but parenting is the most important job in the world, so it is the one I am thinking about right now.

When my children were babies, and toddlers, and all the way on up to now, all I had to help me were pamphlets and relatives.  Much of what I learned from these very limited resources was viable, but so much more of it just, well, wasn’t.  It would have been wonderful to have, at my fingertips, a wealth of OTHER parents who were learning, as do we all, by trial and error, themselves.

Blogging parents will always have someone to ask, someone to tell, someone to admonish, someone to thank, and someone to fall back in abject horror at the very THOUGHT of being like that.  Often, a bad example is also the best example.

The Blogosphere.  Now, that’s a reality show I could go for.

P.S.  Those are MY children in the picture.  My beautiful, beautiful children.

WE Are the Village!


I think sometimes that if there had been blogs when I was raising my children, I might not have made quite as many mistakes.

Often, during those years, I felt very isolated.  I was sure that nobody else was feeling the same emotions, having the same problems, trying and failing at so many things, when it came to parenting.  I felt like I was the only one, struggling with this and that, with my babies, and later with my children.  I was embarrassed to ask some questions, because I knew that nobody in the universe could possibly have my same problems.

I used to wish that there was some place where I could find a lot of advice and sure-fire plans to help me.  I used to wish that there were people who had BEEN there, who could share their successes and failures; word of mouth is stil the most believable way of selling anything, and advice has to be sold, you know.  We SAY it’s :given,” but if it’s not packaged and presented juuuuust right, nobody will take it.

I was given pamphlets and booklets and diagrams and videos, but what i needed was something else, someONE else, someone who KNEW.

Sure, there were relatives who were laden with advice.  Friends, who had a lot of advice.  Some of it was good, too, and just as much of it was horrible.  And the “supply” of relatives and friends was limited, so limited, there was no way their experiences could help me with very many of the problems and questions I had.  Besides, they were, well relatives.  And friends, however beloved, don’t always agree with our own parenting methods or theories or needs.

The Blogosphere has changed all of this, and changed it drastically, and changed it for the better!  For every question or problem a blogger posts, there are potentially millions of people who have BEEN THERE, and somehow survived, and who therefore have believable and practical advice for a young parent who is wondering, puzzled, or even at the end of his/her rope.

For parents, some small thing some other parent mentions, that OTHER parents comment on, might make a world of difference.  Bloggers have created a neighborhood of trust, friendship, and advice that really counts because it comes from people who really do know.  They KNOW.

It takes a village to raise a child?  Bloggers, WE are the village!

We Have Bloggers and Blog World Heads to Texas!


In case you haven’t noticed, I wanted to introduce you to a couple of new bloggers here on our site that will be providing some content.  I want to introduce you to Jane Goodwin and Tyler Knott Gregson.  Jane and Tyler are prolific bloggers and will be talking about all things blogging and new media.  They will be discussing industry news and what is happening in the world of blogging.  They will talk about the upcoming show a little and also be talking about what is going on in the world of technology.   Feel free to talk to them and tell them what you think and to also let them know what you want them to post about and other information. Welcome to Blog World Jane and Tyler!

Rick Calvert, Dave Cynkin and I will be in Austin, Texas next week attending Spring Break For Geeks or more commonly known to many as a SXSW Interactive.  We will be setting up shop at the Techset Blogger Lounge Sponsored by Windows Mobile and organized by Stephanie Agresta and Brian Solis. We did our radio show yesterday on the trip we are taking and talked about all things SXSW with Tammy Lynn Gilmore and Brian and Stephanie and I invite you to listen in on that show but listening to the widget on the right under Blog Talk Radio.  We will be doing the show live from SXSW and giving you the on scene experience of attending the Blogger Lounge and about all the people that are there participating.  It will be the next best thing to paying for a pass and attending the event yourself.  Join us as we head to Texas for some Yee Haw!

Blog World Expo: The Best of Both Worlds!


Blog World Expo excites me.  It thrills me.  Blog World Expo is like the culmination of bloggerhood fantasies: the coming together of people who know each other quite well, often so well that we could order for each other in a restaurant, or pick out shoes for each other.  We know all about their jobs.  We know their children’s names.  We know about their pets, and their gardens, and their opinions about big government, world peace, and whether they prefer brown or white eggs.

We know almost everything about them, in fact.  Everything, perhaps, except what they really look like.  Much of the time, we couldn’t pick each other out of a lineup.

But that’s okay, because online, assuming we’re all telling the truth – and we must make that assumption -bloggers have turned this huge planet into a neighborhood of relationships – friendship, business, and everything else, deep and lasting, and proof positive that we don’t have to know what people LOOK like, to know what people ARE like.  Most bloggers have found and made wonderful, genuine friends via blogging.

Our blogrolls and readers are full of people we wish lived next door to us, or even WITH us, because we’ve come to love them as dearly as though we met for lunch daily.

You know, we’re all just so BUSY.  Most of us work and raise children and try to nurture them and a marriage and our friendships and our talents all at the same time.  Many days, something’s gotta give.  With blogging, the conversations can wait till we can get there.  Bloggers are friends who don’t put any kind of time limitation on us.  We are here, and we’ll be here tomorrow if you can’t stop by tonight.

Blog World Expo excites me.  Bloggers will be there.  BLOGGERS!  People who, well, KNOW!  They KNOW.  Blogosphere neighbors who sit on each other’s virtual sofas several nights a week will get to sit at each others’ tables for real.

For real!!!  Then again, the Blogosphere is real, too.  Blog World Expo excites me, because it is the best of both worlds.

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