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A Glimpse of the Future Internet [Infographic]


Earlier this week, I wrote about choosing an extension for your website, and .com remains the most popular option for a variety of reasons, other extensions (.net, .ly, .me, etc.) might also make sense depending on your specific needs.

The Internet is about to get a lot more complicated, though. The new global program to expand your choices is going to start rolling out as early as next year and there were nearly two thousand applications for vanity names submitted. Some major companies, like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft actually submitted multiple applications. Other companies, like Facebook, eBay, and Disney, were notably missing from the list of applicants.

So here’s a look at what is coming in an inforgraphic from Visual.ly. When new extensions are introduced, will you be on board or will you stick to buying .com addresses?


Start Your Blog Now, The Internet Is Running Out of Room!


Get your blog started now because the internet is running out of space! The regulator in charge of assigning IP addresses, under a standard called IPv4, is now reaching its limit of IP addresses. Another standard, IPv6, is capable of providing a near-infinite number of addresses but it has not been widely incorporated. It seems that this will need to be addressed quickly because experts report that capacity will be reached late next year. [More at Read Write Web: The Internet Is Running Out of Room]

Other news and tips across the blogosphere this week (May 21st):

Daily Blogging Tips: 6 Ways to be Kind To Your Readers
Kindness can go a long way, regardless of what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to build a popular blog, well, you might wanna be kind to your readers, as this will improve the chances of them coming back and becoming part of your community.

Mashable: Add Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Info to Your Gmail Contacts
The Gist Gadget basically lets you find out way more about the people in your inbox, directly from Gmail.

TechCrunch: Twitter For iPhone Launches
Twitter removed Tweetie 2 from the App Store this week to make room for the newly rebranded “Twitter for iPhone.”

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