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Arianna Huffington Says “Nobody Forces People to Blog on the Huffington Post”


During a visit to Montreal on Thursday, Huffington Post creator Arrianna Huffington spoke at an annual media event hosted by Infopresse.  The publication focuses on advertising and marketing.

Huffington covered a number of topics such as print and how she believes it still has a place in this world, but it must evolve in order to stay afloat. She also commented on why she thinks the Huffington Post has done so well. Because of the way they engage the community, which she also believes is what has led to the success of Twitter and Facebook.

“Self expression is the new entertainment,” Huffington said. “That’s why editors and curators are more important than ever.

Another interesting topic brought up was about freelance bloggers and journalists. The journalists are paid, the freelance bloggers are not. Why is that? Because not paying for opinion has always been the company’s policy.

“We pay journalists very well, but not bloggers because we see blogging as something different,” she said. “Bloggers can blog where they want and when they want in exchange for distribution and comment moderation. Nobody forces people to blog on the Huffington Post.”

After reading her comments about bloggers not being paid and why, what do you think? Is that fair? Do you understand her reasoning behind it? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!


If ARS Technica is Worth 25 Million What is Huff Po Worth?


Just about two months ago 24/7 Wall Street included ARS Technica in their 25 most valuable blogs list and set the price market price at $15 million. If today’s reports of ARS Technica’s sale to Conde Nast are true the price was actually $25 million. That’s a 66% increase over 24/7’s valuation. Does that mean Gawker Media which topped the list at $150 million is really closer to $250 million?

Does that make the Huffington Post worth $116 million =?

Is TechCrunch then worth $60 mil? (side note does this purchase of ARS Technica by Wired’s parent company put a new spin on the recent Wired TechCrunch dust up?)

One thing it certainly does is make everyone else on that list very happy today. It should make every other serious new media content creator happy as well.


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