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Happy ‘Social Media Day’ & New World Records!


Today marks the second annual Social Media Day, started by Mashable last year (2010). Meetups and organizations are sponsoring get-togethers across the globe. Are you heading to any events?

Coinciding with this day to celebrate the advent and growth of Social Media, Guinness World Records is announcing some of the latest social media world records!

  • Most likes on a Facebook page: 47,194,601 on Facebook’s own Facebook page. 2nd place is Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker page (45.78 million likes). 3rd place is Eminem (42.05 million likes). 4th place is YouTube (40.44 million likes). 5th place is Lady Gaga (39.49 million likes).
  • The Most “disliked” video on YouTube: Justin Bieber’s music video for “Baby”, with 1,490,076 “dislikes”.
  • Most content ingested by an online video service: An average of 70.49 hours per minute, achieved by Ustream.

Other current social media Guinness World Records include:

  • Fastest Time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter: 25 hours 17 minutes by Charlie Sheen.
  • Most likes on a Facebook item: On the official page for Lil Wayne (668,198 comments on a post made on February 15, 2011 – which was made as an attempt to set the record for the “Most likes on a Facebook item in 24 hours”)
  • Most followers on Twitter: Lady Gaga with 11,259,372 Twitter followers.
  • Most “likes” on a Facebook page in 24 hours: Frito-Lay on April 11-12, 2011 with 1,571,161 likes.
  • Most “liked” video on YouTube: Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance”.

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