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Google to Set Up Shop for Bloggers at Conventions


According to an article by the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning on setting up an 8,000 square foot base camp for hundreds of bloggers at the Democratic convention in Denver next week.  Not only that but Google is going to set up a similar blogger station for the Republican convention in September.  Wired has a similar article written as well that is worth checking out.

It’s interesting to see that government and politics are becoming more and more engaged with social media. Congressman John Culberson has his own twitter account with over 3,000 followers.  Representative Tim Ryan also has his own twitter account.  Politics and social media just seem to go so well together.  We have already seen youtube used as a debate platform, several politicians are already using twitter, and now we are going to have Google provide a blogger lounge at the conventions.

According to Simon Rosenberg, president and founder of the NDN,

“There’s no such thing as off the record anymore. There’s no such thing as private moments anymore”

Bloggers who wish to participate in these events have to pay $100 to get access to couches, food, beverages, wifi, and Google massages!  Not bad hm?  If you’re not a blogger, then maybe you should start blogging asap.

These conventions are going to be new media havens.  People are going to be walking around streaming live on qik, blog posts will be flying up at record speeds, the twittersphere is going to be buzzing, youtube videos are going to get uploaded by the hundreds, and the whole world is going to be able to watch and participate.

It’s great to see how far social media has been able to progress and evolve over the years.  Social media is still in the infancy stages and it’s only going to grow from here.  See you at the conventions.

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