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Tips From A First Time Podcaster


My name is Bryan Curry and I am a first time podcaster. Podcasting and Social Media is not my full time job, it is my hobby and passion. My wife would probably describe it as an obsession. I began podcasting in September of 2009, I had no previous knowledge of how to podcast, how to manage a website or how to utilize social media.

Guest Blogger: Bryan Curry

Since that time I have spent over 600 hours scouring books and the Internet trying to absorb as much information as I could. It is now my goal to take what I have learned (am still learning) and share it with you. Whether your podcast has thousands of listeners and has been going strong for years or whether it is still just an idea percolating in your mind hopefully you will learn something as I share my success and failures that I continue to experience as a first time podcaster.

Get Your Head Right

Believe it or not, beginning your podcast does not start with equipment or software, it starts with you. You have to get your head right, because podcasting is going to require work. Having a successful podcast is not all about spending an hour recording your thoughts each week and then spending the rest of the week reading scores of glowing emails complimenting you on how fantastic you are and counting your money. The majority of the work on your podcast happens when that little red recording light is not blinking at all. It is the building and maintenance of a website, the never-ending promotion, consumption and community participation. You will fail as often as you succeed, so in order to prevent the frustration that ultimately leads to podfade it is important to get your head right before you begin.

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