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Free Gift: Farnoosh Brock’s Career Email Course [12 Days of Giveaways]


A free gift from NMX Speaker Farnoosh Brock: Her Career Email Course

Here at NMX, planning for our January event is in full swing…but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for the holidays! That’s why, every day from now through December 25, we’re featuring a brand new giveaway for the entire NMX community!

Today, we have a special gift from Farnoosh Brock, who is offering a free email course that includes 21 power strategies to crush it in your career. Check out a little more about her email course in this video:


Like all of our 12 Days of Giveaways gifts, Farnoosh’s email course is completely free for members of our brand new community, NMX University. (Don’t worry – membership there is also free!)

Find out more about this ebook and register for NMXU here, of if you are already a member, simply log in to NMXU here to download your free copy today!

The 12 New Media Days of Christmas 2011: 11 Emailers List-Building


During the 12 New Media Days of Christmas, we’re counting down the days until Santa comes by featuring some of the best blog posts of 2011 from awesome writers within the BlogWorld community! Skip to the end to read more posts in this holiday series and don’t forget to leave a comment if you’ve written a post about today’s topic!

You won’t get far in this industry without hear the phrase “the money’s in the list.” What that means is that you need to build an email list to make the most of the relationship you’re building with your readers. You can use your list for affiliate marketing, selling your own products, or even just driving traffic back to your site. So, today, I have a great group of posts from 2011 that talk about building and using an email list. Enjoy!

Post too long? Head to the Quick Links section for just a list of the links included in this post without all the analysis and quotes!

1. Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing for Bloggers by Paul Cunningham at Blogging Teacher

If you’re new to email marking and only have time to read one post, this is the link for you. In this post, Paul writes about the nuts and bolts to using email to connect with your readers. He goes over everything from how to avoid being called a spammer to what kind of content you should consider sending to your list. From the post:

Your mailing list is like a cup of coffee. Too hot and your subscribers can’t handle it. Too cold and it loses its appeal. But when you get the temperature just right they will enjoy what you serve up to them…

Getting that temperature just right means understanding your audience, and delivering them the right types of content at the right times.

After checking out Paul’s post, you can follow him on Twitter @paulcunningham.


2. 5 Most Powerful Ways To Build an Email List Online by Michael Dunlop at Income Diary

I like this post because it’s a list of tools that you can (and should) consider using to build your own email list. It’s important to remember that not every technique is going to work for every person. In fact, you might not like any of the list-building techniques in Michael’s post. But I think it is important to be aware of your options! Writes Michael,

Sending an email to your list about a product takes literally minutes. The reward is always thousands of dollars for me. If I did it 4 times in a month which isn’t much at all, that’s likely to be at least an additional $10,000 in revenue that month! Hopefully by now your excited about the idea of building a list.

Get out there and build that list, friends! After checking out Michael’s post at Income Diary, You can also find more from him at Retireat21, Fiked, Popup Domination, Site Profit Domination, Expert Photography, and Awesomeweb. You can also find him on Twitter @michaeldunlop.


3. Why the Money Really is in the Email List by Natalie Sisson at The Suitcase Entrepreneur

We keep saying that the money is in the list, but why is that? This post is part of Natalie’s Build Your Online Business (BYOB) series, and it’s a fantastic post to check out if you’re new to list-building and want to do a good job connecting with readers. As Natalie puts it, your list is your tribe, and being about to build that relationship with them is important! Building a list doesn’t have to be spammy. It can be about making real connections. Writes Natalie,

When I think about how many visitors I lost in the early days because I had nothing to offer and no way of being able to contact them again, it makes me kick myself. I also had this strange perception in my head that `list’ and ‘building’ were two dirty words. In fact they are two of the smartest words ever.

Natalie is on Twitter @womanzworld and you can also add her to your circles on Google+. Her Build Your Own Business Guide is available as an audio book, ebook, or complete package with coaching video.


4. Aweber vs. Mailchimp: Which is the Best Email Newsletter Service? by Tom Ewer at WPMU.org

Aweber and Mailchimp aren’t you’re only two choices if you’re interested in starting a new mailing list, but they are two of the biggest brands in the industry. I personally grappled with the choice, and ultimately went with Aweber, but I don’t know that I’ll stay with that decision forever, since Mailchimp is a fantastic services as well. In this post, Tom talks about about the differences between these two services and ultimately gives you his preference. Writes Tom,

Both services are popular with good reason. MailChimp’s no-cost entry level service is a huge attraction to many. But the general consensus leans in favor of AWeber when it comes to the most important aspects of list management, such as tracking and spam management.

You can find Tom on Twitter @tomewer and like his Facebook page. He also blogs at Leaving Work Behind, where you can sign up for his mailing list to download his free guide on keyword research and competition analysis.


5. The #1 Trick for Increasing Email Open Rates by Steve Scott at SteveScottSite.com

Your list doesn’t matter one iota if nobody opens the emails you send. In this post, Steve shares his best top for increasing your open rates – and I have to say, I 100% agree with him! I also love how he uses an analogy to describe what he means, and I think anyone who’s read or watched Game of Thrones will totally understand this post! Writes Steve,

In April, the TV show “Game of Thrones” premiered on HBO.  Like many shows on this network, each episode is part of a large story.  So you have to watch each to understand what’s going on.  In a way, it’s similar to the popular shows like The Sopranos, Lost or 24.

What draws people to shows like these is how they’re set up.  An important part of the plot is to create tension.  The writers introduce a number of storylines that are not resolved for many years.  People watch them because they feel compelled to get answers.

You can also check out Steve’s 45 Ways to Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level or download his free online income guide. He’s on Twitter @stevescott1, and you can also like his blog on Facebook and add him to your circles on Google+.


6. Are You in the Three Danger Zones of Spamminess? by Phil Hollows at Feedblitz

This list is actually part of entire awesome blog post series about list building for bloggers by Phil, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight this one because I think a lot of list-builders are definitely in the danger zone. Your subscribers signed up for your mailing list. They want to hear from you. Don’t be too afraid to email them! But if you aren’t careful, email programs could accidentally label you as spam, and this means your message will be less likely to reach your readers. Writes Phil,

The thing is, of course, is that most bloggers are untrained as marketers. Specifically, we’re largely not trained as email marketers. We put up our subscription forms and hope for the best. Usually, that’s fine.

But sometimes that lack of expertise can hurt, because it can lead us to create content that ends up setting off content filters. It’s actually all too easy to do, in fact, because in social media we can easily add widgets and plugins that are designed for the web, but which can completely foul up your feed and eviscerate your mailings.

In addition to checking out this post and others in the list building for bloggers series, you can also buy Phil’s List Building for Bloggers ebook. He’s on Twitter @phollows and you can check out the Feedblitz Facebook Ap here.


7. Sephora’s Beauty Roulette: A Creative Email List Builing Tactic by DJ Waldow at Waldow Social

In this post, DJ offers a screencast mini case study on one company’s interesting way to get people to sign up on their email list. He talks about what Sephora (a makeup company) does write, along with what he believes they could be doing better. Hopefully, this will inspire you to think of some of your own creative ways to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list. From DJ’s post:

You can have the most compelling email creative and copy, the best subject line, the highest inbox deliverability; however, if you don’t have an email list to send to … well … you have nothing….

My friend and Social Fresh president, Jason Keath, shared this super-creative email list building technique from Sephora with me last week. The landing page has some dynamic aspects to it, so I figured it would be best to show you via a screencast (thanks, Screenr!).

You can find DJ on Twitter @djwaldow and is the original Social Butterfly Guy.


8. How to Get a Clean Email List – 3 Mailing List Maintenance Tips You Should Do by Paul Ventura at Converting Copy

This post was definitely a kick in the pants for me, because I’ve been neglecting my email list maintenance. Depending on the email management company you use, some of Paul’s tips might even help you save money! At the very list, his recommendations can help you understand your audience better and connect with them in a more relevant way. Writes Paul,

Just like anything else in your life, your website or business’ mailing list can become cluttered and require upkeep from time to time to continue working in your best interest. Here are a few mailing list maintenance tips you can use to get a clean email list.

You can get Paul’s free 10 Day Fast Track Affiliate Course if you want to read more from him, and you can also find him on Twitter @convertcopy and like his blog on Facebook.


9. The Most Important, Can’t-Ignore Law of Email Marketing by Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media

The “law” Lisa shares in this post may at first seem like common sense, but it is a law that is broken so often that I think it is super important to include on this list. Before you ever send a single message to your email list, make sure you understand Lisa’s post and make sure you don’t make the mistake made by so many so-called “experts” out there. Lisa writes,

Hey you! Yes…you, the one sending out all those email newsletters. We need to talk.

I mean, sure, we’ve already talked to some degree. We’ve talked about best practices for email marketing, how email is NOT dead and why it’s actually the Batman to social media’s Robin, but NONE of that matters if you ignore the most important email marketing law of them all. Get this wrong and the rest of it simply doesn’t matter.

Lisa is the co-founder of Outspoken Media and can be found on Twitter @lisabarone. You can also like Outspoken Media on Facebook and follow the company on Twitter @outspokenmedia.


10. Call It What You Want, It’s the Future of Email Marketing by Garry Lee at RedEye (Guest Post for Unbounce)

Grab a cup of coffee and sink your teeth into this post. It’s super smart and full of tips about what Garry calls “behavioural emails.” Yes, you can just mass email your list once or twice a week, but how effective are you really being? More importantly, how effective could you be if you did a little research? From Garry’s post:

In the past few years behavioural email has become one of the most effective forms of email marketing. Resulting in ROI figures as high as 750% and open rates of 70% it is certainly a strategy that online marketers are realising is essential to their online marketing (not just email) strategies.

Garry is the Director of Analytics and Usability at RedEye and you can find him on Twitter @garrylee316.


11. Episode 19 of The Daily Interaction: Savvy Email Etiquette by Farnoosh Brock at Prolific Living

This last link I wanted to share about email is actually a podcast from Farnoosh about a topic that is very important no matter what kinds of emails you’re sending: etiquette. This post is not about list-building or even about email marketing, but I think this is one of the most important topic matters you can ever understand if you use email, whether you’re emailing your list or just emailing with your friends. From Farnoosh’s show notes:

What is the most sensible, smart, savvy and professional way to use email in today’s world? I give you tips around things that have worked very well for me as well as things that have made me, well, you know, take a second look at my own approach, to say the least.

After listening to the podcast, you can check out more episode of The Daily Interaction here. Farnoosh is also the author of the Fear-Crushing Travel Guide, Motivation: From Goals to Greatness, and The 10 Minute Daily Invigorator, as well as the Comprehensive Guide to Green Juicing. She’s on Twitter @prolificliving.

Quick Links

For those of you short on time, here’s a list of the links covered in this post:

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing for Bloggers by Paul Cunningham (@paulcunningham)
  2. 5 Most Powerful Ways To Build an Email List Online by Michael Dunlop (@michaeldunlop)
  3. Why the Money Really is in the Email List by Natalie Sisson (@womanzworld)
  4. Aweber vs. Mailchimp: Which is the Best Email Newsletter Service? by Tom Ewer (@tomewer)
  5. The #1 Trick for Increasing Email Open Rates by Steve Scott (@stevescott1)
  6. Are You in the Three Danger Zones of Spamminess? by Phil Hollows (@phollows)
  7. Sephora’s Beauty Roulette: A Creative Email List Builing Tactic by DJ Waldow (@djwaldow)
  8. How to Get a Clean Email List – 3 Mailing List Maintenance Tips You Should Do by Paul Ventura (@convertcopy)
  9. The Most Important, Can’t-Ignore Law of Email Marketing by Lisa Barone (@lisabarone)
  10. Call It What You Want, It’s the Future of Email Marketing by Garry Lee (@garrylee316)
  11. Episode 19 of The Daily Interaction: Savvy Email Etiquette by Farnoosh Brock (@prolificliving)

Other posts in the 12 New Media Days of Christmas series will be linked here as they go live:

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You can also check out the all the posts from 2010 and 2011 here, and don’t forget: If you wrote a post in 2011 about today’s topic (email marking and list building), PLEASE leave the link in a comment below to share with the community!

Why Harness the Power of Motivation?


Farnoosh Brock Speaker: Farnoosh Brock
Session: Motivation for the New Media Professional
Date: Thursday, May 26
Time: 11:15AM-12:15PM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A17

How much would the world miss out on what we can offer if we stop toiling away at our tasks, projects, passions and dreams right now?

It is impossible to answer this question accurately because we are powerful beyond measure and if we desire it, we can reach heights beyond our wildest imagination with the right determination, single-minded focus, and motivation.

Yet, when everything is poised so perfectly for us to succeed, why can we not rely on motivation to stand its ground and see us through to the end? We can know our own gifts, use our talents, believe in our path, and feel certain that we can make a difference and still, motivation can manage to find a way to run away.

How can we harness our motivation the same way we harness our talents, our gifts and our skills?

The only way to know the power of your own motivation is to know the lack of it. I have known many of those occasions when my massive motivation has deserted me, and with it, I have deserted plans, projects and pursuits.

Without my large dose of daily motivation, my best intentions to accomplish anything come short and my best-laid plans go awry. I believe motivation to be a non-negotiable element in all my pursuits, large or small. Without motivation, my yoga session is missing the inner fire, my writing is missing spirit, and my life is missing color, energy and intensity. With motivation, the dullest and hardest days become worthwhile, the longest hours turn tolerable, and the largest obstacles are removable.

I wanted to speak about Motivation at Blogworld before even knowing whether it would fit the schedule, agenda or the theme of the Blogworld Conference in May. I simply knew that motivation affects us all, be it in the blogging, writing, speaking, or other digital media professional worlds – and I am overjoyed to be speaking on the topic on Thursday, May 26th at 11:15am.

Motivation makes or breaks your success. Motivation holds the key that unlocks your true potential. Motivation enables and empowers you to turn an idea into an action and a dream into a reality.

What price do you put on motivation?

Farnoosh is the founder of Prolific Living, a space about Smart Habits for Rich Living. She talks about turning ideas into actions and fear into motivation. She explores rich living through world travel, yoga, writing, reading, speaking and photography. She is delighted to be speaking at Blogworld in May 2011.

Farnoosh Brock on Turning BlogWorld Experiences into a Book


Farnoosh Brock from Prolific Living is someone who first entered my radar right before BlogWorld, when she stopped by my own blog, After Graduation, and left a comment. She was one of the roughly ten million awesome bloggers I didn’t get to meet in Vegas, unfortunately, but following the event I kept seeing her pop up on Twitter and on other websites. One of the things I noticed about her right away was that she was truly embracing the warm fuzzy feelings that we all had after the event. She was writing a lot about BlogWorld on Prolific Living, as well as starting to put the advice she received into effect.

She didn’t stop there. Farnoosh took it a step farther and released a free ebook about her experiences at BlogWorld and the take away messages she’s now using to make her blog even better. I was lucky enough to snag a small piece of Farnoosh’s time to ask some questions about her BlogWorld trip, the book she created, and what she’s doing now that the event is over.

Allison: What initially inspired you to attend BlogWorld? How was your experience there difference from what you thought it would be?

Farnoosh: Honestly, my husband kept insisting that I must go to Blogoplooza, our nickname for the fabulous BlogWorld expo conference. I was nervous, hesitant and tempted. He wouldn’t drop it. You see, I didn’t consider myself ready as a blogger to attend the event. Then I realized a few of my blogging friends were going to attend and the thought of meeting these people in person excited me more than enough. These are people I have come to know so intimately through our blogs and people with whom I have formed amazing friendships. One look at the BlogWorld Expo conference page, the exciting sessions, the keynotes and the discounts for early registration, I knew I had to be there.

The experience was above and beyond my expectations. Even though I was a bit lost and a lot overwhelmed, I found the networking and putting faces to names exhilarating. I met incredible people, felt amazing energy of this gathering, and I now wholeheartedly believe it is necessary to, at least once, meet and touch the people who impact our lives daily in blogosphere.

Allison: What inspired you to write about your BlogWorld experiences on your blog and eventually turn those experiences into an ebook?

Farnoosh: I had to capture and bottle up the flowing inspiration from some of the keynotes – these things happen few times in a lifetime – and the empowering experience of connecting in person with some of my closest and dearest friends. I knew that many other bloggers, some of whom I knew and was hoping to meet, were not fortunate enough to be at BlogWorld. I wanted to take home a gift for them. I wanted to bring Blogworld to them. The ebook idea came from the readers; I heard their request to have all the BlogWorld series in one single story and acted on it! All my readers ever have to do is ask. I had to deliver and since this was to be my first ebook, I poured my heart and soul into it, I pulled the story together and developed it in PDF and the epub version (for all eReaders and most Smart phones). I offer it as a completely free gift on my site. My sincere hope is to bring more bloggers together at BlogWorld 2011.

Allison: Since BlogWorld has ended, what are some of the most rewarding things that have happened to you or that you’ve been inspired to do because of the event?

Farnoosh: Oh BlogWorld ended but my inspiration has been sky high and my motivation has been building higher and stronger every day. I turned a corner at BlogWorld during the keynote with the beloved trio, Brian Clark, Sonia Simone and Darren Rowse. That was the day I decided to take my blog super seriously – but not myself so much! 😉 – so I can spread my message to more people, I decided to implement everything I learned with patience, I decided to learn even more about my readers, and I decided to put fear and hesitation aside so I can bring my ideas to life. The launch of the ebook was extremely exciting; the blogging community loved it. Then I started to see multiple mentions of my site on reputable blogs, I get invited to participate in projects and give interviews, my writing desire has been unleashed, my readership is growing, working endless hours on the blog does not even phase me, my ideas about what to offer next to my readers has tripled and my relationships from BlogWorld are still blossoming. And these are just to name a few.

If you loved BlogWorld as much as Farnoosh and I did, you should definitely grab a copy of her BlogWorld 2010 ebook, and even consider putting together one of your own based on your personal experiences at the event.

Thanks, Farnoosh, for such amazing support of BlogWorld!

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