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22 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Facebook Likes


Brilliant Bloggers is a bi-weekly series here at BlogWorld where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every week, we’ll feature three of the most brilliant bloggers out there, along with a huge list of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see more Brilliant Blogger posts or learn how to submit your link for an upcoming edition here.

This Week’s Topic: Facebook Likes

Whether you’re a small business owner or a blogger/podcaster, you probably already have a Facebook page. Maybe you’re highly interactive on that page and have a huge community there. Maybe you try to ignore it because you don’t know what to do with it. Most of us fall somewhere in between (though I think our community director Deb Ng does a FANTASTIC job on the BlogWorld Facebook page!)

On Facebook, it’s all about the likes. You want people to like your page so you appear in their stream, and you also want people to like individual pieces of content so you show up in their friends’ ticker. Today, our Brilliant Bloggers are talking about how to get more likes – and by making a few of the simple changes they talk about, you can skyrocket the success of your page.

Brilliant Blogger of the Week:

Buying Facebook Fans…Is There No GOOD Way? by Kirsten Wright

Buying likes on Facebook seems to go against my gut feelings of how to build a community, but in this post, Kirsten talks about an ethical and effective way to buy REAL fans through Facebook advertising. This isn’t the right move for everyone, but for many businesses, and even some bloggers and podcasters, “buying likes” is a great choice. From Kirsten’s post:

Facebook advertising, while it has a much catchier name, is technically still buying fans. But in this case, you’re buying extremely targeted, likely interested in your product/industry and often willing to engage fans. Which is where the key difference, and success, lies.

After checking out her entire post, you can follow Kirsten on Twitter at @kirstenwright.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

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  2. 13 Simple Ways of Increasing Your Facebook Likes by Niall Harbison (@niallharbison)
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  4. 21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase by Mari Smith (@marismith)
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  11. How I Got 18 Times More ‘Likes’ on a Facebook Update by Darren Rowse (@problogger)
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  17. Positive Facebook Updates Get More Likes, Negative Get More Comments [INFOGRAPHIC] by Zoe Fox (@zoebfox)
  18. The Real Reason Your Customers Don’t Like You on Facebook by Jay Baer (@jaybaer)
  19. Study Reveals Why Consumers Fan Facebook Pages by Amy Porterfield  (@amyporterfield)
  20. Tips to Get More Fans to Share Your Facebook Content by Patricia Odell
  21. Use your website to get more Likes for your Facebook page [guide] by Erno Hannink (@ernohannink)

Did I miss your post or a post by someone you know about Facebook likes? Unintentional! Help me out by leaving a comment below with the link.

Next Brilliant Blogger Topic: Starting a Podcast

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New Media News Break: SpAmazon, Google’s Brand Activate, CISPA, and More


It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for a little New Media News Break to help get you through the work week. Here are the interesting stories you may have missed since last Wednesday’s break!

Fortune Highlights “Spamazon” Problem

This issue has been going on for longer than a week, but on Monday, Fortune’s Stephen Gandel called attention to this problem, causing outcry among self-publishers and consumers who had no idea that so many authors were spamming Amazon with self-published titles meant to lure in and trick people who mean to buy big-name bestsellers. For example, if you’re looking for the steamy best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey, you might mistakenly purchase Thirty-Five Shades of Grey, by an author with a similar name. Or if you’re hoping to pick up the popular Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, you might mistakenly buy Isaac Worthington’s self-published Steve Jobs book. There are various other examples, and although Amazon has said it will crack down on the problem, there isn’t a simple solution, as it requires a reworking of the company’s self-publishing system, as well as brings about debates on what is and is not legally allowed (remember, one can’t copyright an idea).

The White House Criticizes CISPA

A recent bill introduced called Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act has gotten the thumbs down from the White House, at least according to National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden. On Tuesday, she was quoted as saying that any cyber security bill that passes should also protect users’ privacy, a sentiment that has many people on the Internet breathing a sigh of release. While CISPA does allow businesses and the government to more easily share information about cyber security threats, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Technology and Progress argue that it also justifies spying on individuals’ emails and social media accounts. So, understandably, many people (myself included) are happy that the White House is criticizing this bill!

Listen Button Now Available for Facebook Pages

Artists with Facebook fan pages now have a new way to share their musical content – a listen button. Located on an artist’s page next to “message” button, when fans click this button, it will take them directly to Spotify, MOG, or other connected services to hear music from the artist without ever leaving Facebook.When a user does this, his or her listening activity will also appear in their own timeline. It’s a very interesting concept, and one that I think could (and should) expand to podcasters who have fan pages in the future. Love it or hate it, Facebook is a powerful way to connect with fans.

instagram facebook Facebook Board Kept in the Dark about Instagram Purchase

Speaking of Facebook, we’re still hearing a lot of news about the recent Instragram purchase. And Facebook’s board might be feeling a little upset right now with the acquisition – not because they necessarily think it was a bad decision, but because they weren’t consulted about it at all. According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg made the deal alone, only telling the board of his plans hours before the deal was finalized. The deal was made rather quickly, over the course of just a few days, which is unusual for such a large purchase in the business board, but that doesn’t really excuse the fact that the board wasn’t part of the proceedings. They did have to eventually vote on it (and obviously, they voted yes), but sources told the Wall Street Journal that the vote was “largely symbolic.” Given his track record, is anyone really surprised that Zuckerberg would make the choice to plow ahead with what he wanted to do rather than talk to his board about the option? It will be interesting to see if there is any fallout over this decision.

Twitter Announces New Patent Pledge

Patents allow companies to protect their innovations and designs, but some feel that it’s being taken too far, with companies constantly suing one another over ideas that haven’t even been implemented or making other ridiculous claims. This week, Twitter announced a new pledge where patent control is places back into the hands of the employee who invented it. While some say that this new “Innovator’s Patent Agreement” might be more about good PR than about actually reforming the world of patent-related lawsuits, it is an interesting concept, especially for creators working under employers. Will other web companies follow suit? That’s yet to be seen.

Google Plans New Online Advertising Metrics

In a new proposal, which has been submitted for review by the Media Rating Council, Google is introducing new ideas about online advertising metrics that they hope will become industry standards. Meant to put companies at ease when purchasing advertising online, these new standards are dubbed Brand Activate and will start with two components: Active View and Active GRP. Active View changes how online ad impressions are counted while Active GRP will calculate the reach and frequency of an ad campaign in real time. If you’re a content creator who makes money through advertising (especially using Google Ads), this is a story you want to watch.

In Case You Missed It

Here’s what you might have missed on the BlogWorld blog in the past week:

Awesome from the Archives

There are some golden posts in the post hidden in the BlogWorld archives. Here are three of my favorites that I think you should check out:

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New Media News Break: Blog Detectives, Apple’s Ebook Woes, and More


It’s Wednesday afternoon and you know what that means – time to take a break from work and catch up on all the new media news you may have missed in the past week. So grab that afternoon energy drink and sit back to check out some of these news stories.

Blog Community Bands Together to Help Police

Who says all blog commenters are trolls? This week, readers of automotive blog Jalopnik banded together to help police with a hit-and-run in Waynesboro, Virginia, where victim Betty Wheeler died after being involved in a hit and run. The only piece of evidence left behind was a piece of the alleged killer’s car. So, a Jalopnik blogger asked readers to help identify the piece – and in a matter of minutes, they did. This information was sent to the police investigating the case. It’s great to see the power a blog community has. Does your community have this kind of teamwork ability? If not, what can you do to strengthen your community?

instagram facebook

Facebook Buys Instagram

Of course, the big story this week is that Facebook bought Instagram for an astonishing $1 Billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has noted that although they will be working closely together, Instagram sharing won’t be limited to Facebook, nor will the company be absorbed by it’s parent company – it will remain its own entity. Although some users have already voiced concerns, they have a lot of support as well – and Instagram has shot to number one in the app store thanks to Facebook’s announcements. It will be interesting to continue watching this story to see how Instagram changes now that it has an overlord and more funding than they could have ever hoped for. Will the service improve photo sharing abilities? Will we see major problems? What do you think?

Ebook Publishing Policies Probed in Court

Recently, the U.S. sued Apple and a number of publishers, claiming that the companies colluded to unfairly fix ebook prices. While these companies claim that their publishing policies “enhanced competition in the e-book industry” which was previously dominated by Amazon, the Justice Department is investigating just how Apple worked with publishers to change the way they price ebooks for the iPad, which currently allows publishers to set the end price for consumers and give Apple a commission, rather than allowing the retailer to set the price. The problem is that it’s alleged that executives conspired to fix and raise prices through most-favored-nation provisions in their contracts with Apple so no other retailer could offer lower prices. The Justice Department held a press conference today, announcing an antitrust settlement that, if approved by the courts, will allow retails like Amazon and Barnes & Noble to reduce their prices, effectively terminating anticompetitive most-favored-nation agreements publishers have with Apple. This could mean that we see a vast reduction in the price of ebooks in the near future.

Google+ Gets a Makeover

Today, Google announced a brand new look for Google+, giving the network a much needed face life. New profiles feature better navigation, a drag and drop system, new ways to find interesting conversations, a dedicated page for hangouts, a new chat list sidebar, and more. Although many praised Google+’s initial sleek look, I think a redesign was in order to keep the network competitive, especially with Facebook. Sharing content is now easier than ever on this platform, but the question remains – with Facebook holding strong, Twitter continuing to grow, LinkedIn holding the professional attention, and Pinterest gaining ground with leaps and bounds, can this network survive?

The ListServe Allows You to Email Millions

What would you say if you had a million people listening? That’s the question a group of NYU Students are asking with their new social experience, The ListServe. According to reports, this service allows anyone on their giant email list to enter a lottery where, if won, they get to send an email out to the rest of the list. The email can literally be anything from what the person has for breakfast to funny kitten pictures. Well, almost anything. Each email will be reviewed to ensure it doesn’t contain porn or viruses. But it’s an interesting concept, and one that marketers may be able to use to reach new audience members. Though I have to wonder, is getting another email every day worth the chance to send a blast to a random group of people?

In Case You Missed It

Here’s what you might have missed on the BlogWorld blog in the past week:

Awesome from the Archives

There are some golden posts in the post hidden in the BlogWorld archives. Here are three of my favorites that I think you should check out:

Check back every Wednesday for a New Media News Break just when you need it!

Facebook Buys Instagram: Should Users “Like” This Status Update?


instagram facebook Today, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg announced the company has acquired the user-friendly smartphone picture app Instagram, which made news last week when it (finally) came to Android. The purchase price? A whopping ONE BILLION DOLLARS. But all things considered, that might be a bargain for Facebook, depending on user reaction.

And I think users are still awe-struck by the news, which was kept pretty quiet until today’s announcement. But the question on their minds, is this: Should I like this change? Or should I run for my life?

As of writing this post, Zuckerberg’s status has been liked by 86,391 people, and it’s only been about an hour. Of course, there’s no dislike button on Facebook, which might tell another tale if it were available. But that made people liking a status so quickly means that the company does have some support – and I’m an optimist. Personally, there are several things about Facebook and their policies that I do not like, but I think this acquisition is going to be awesome for both companies.

Instagram and the Little Engine that Could

You all know the story about the little engine that could, right? Basically, it’s the kid’s tale of a engine who is faced with going up a huge mountain carrying a heavy load. He repeats, “I think I can, I think I can” over and over to stay motivated and make it to the peak, even when others find it an impossibly daunting task for such a small train. Instagram has been that little engine.

The company has…or, well, had…only 13 employees, and less funding from investors than you’d think, given their popularity. I’m assuming that one of the reasons it did take so long for them to come to Android was lack of resources. There’s such cool potential with Instagram, but being a small start-up isn’t easy.

Now, they’ve got no excuse. If I was CEO Kevin Systrom, I would be tempted to fill my office with money and roll around in it. More money allows you to give customers a better user experience, expand the project to be available to more people, get creative with your offerings, and more. Having an investor like Facebook makes it possible for Instagram to get even better – and that’s a good thing for users.

The Dark Shadow Cast by Facebook

Of course, the downside is that the person paying the bills pretty much gets to call the shots. Facebook has already said that they plan to keep the company as it’s own brand, rather than absorbing it into Facebook. I imagine that it will be similar to Google and YouTube – the companies will heavily work together, but Instagram isn’t going to just disappear before our eyes.

At least, that’s my hope. Again, I’m an optimist.

But I think Facebook is maturing as a company, and they realize that changing Instagram to be something exclusively for Facebook users is not a good direction for the company. In his announcement, Zuckerberg wrote:

We think the fact that Instagram is connected to other services beyond Facebook is an important part of the experience. We plan on keeping features like the ability to post to other social networks, the ability to not share your Instagrams on Facebook if you want, and the ability to have followers and follow people separately from your friends on Facebook.

In other words, Facebook has a cool new kickball, but they are going to share it on the playground with all the other kids so everyone can play kickball together. They just get to be pitcher.

Still, I think it’s something we need to keep an eye on as users. My hope is that Facebook will use this acquisition to make their own photo-sharing offerings stronger for Facebook users, but without mucking it up for current Instagram users who don’t want to be forced to use Facebook or change the way they use Instagram drastically. That might not be what happens in reality.

I do think, though, that we need to give Facebook and Instagram a chance.

And a final thought: What say you, Google+? For a network that has been competing with Facebook, this is a pretty big blow. I bet smaller networks like Pinterest and even Twitter have just gotten juicier-looking to Google!

Your turn to weigh in! What do you think of the Facebook-Instagram deal?

New Media News Break: Bald Barbies, Instagram on Android, Google Glasses, and More


Welcome to your Wednesday afternoon break from work. Here are some new media stories in the news that you may have missed since our last New Media News Break:

Mattel Responds to Facebook Fans and Creates a Bald Barbie

Facebook fans took to the virtual streets recently, campaigning for Barbie manufacturer Mattel to produce a new doll – one without hair. The bald beauty would be for kids who have cancer, since children in the hospital often feel self-conscious about their hair loss. Mattel responded to the campaigning, announcing a new doll that won’t be sold in stores, but that will be distributed to children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada. They say they won’t be selling the dolls, which come with hats, scarves, and wigs that can be interchanged, because they don’t want to profit from the project. Personally, I’d like to see them also sell the dolls with proceeds going toward cancer research, since other little girls might want a bald friend as well or cancer patients might want more than one doll. But it’s a great story about a company listening to their fans and doing the right thing despite it costing the company money.

Instagram Comes to Android

In a long-waited move, Instagram finally came to Android this week, allowing millions of new users to download this photo-sharing app. Over a million people downloaded it the first day alone. Instagram for Android has most of the same features that current Instagram users have been enjoying since 2010, and already I’ve been seeing a flood of new pictures in my social streams. For picture-based content creators, this is definitely a win! Right now, you can download the new Instagram app on your Android smartphone (tablets are not yet supported), and users join the same community when they register in order to share pictures with friends.

Jeremy Lin Chats on Facebook After Surgery

It’s important to connect with fan, but basketball star Jeremy Lin took it to the next level this week when he held a Facebook chat just a few hours after his knee surgery. He may have had to take a break in the middle of it to toss his cookies (seriously), but thousands of fans “tuned in” to talk to the player and ask questions. He also announced during the chat that he’d be posting YouTube videos throughout his recovery so fans can stay up-to-date with what’s going on. Now that’s a humbling lesson for us all – if Jeremy Lin can post updates while he’s still in the hospital, we’re not too busy to post updates for our fans as well!

Google Starts Testing New SmartPhone Glasses

Google employees are starting tests on the latest “smart” device. Instead of a phone or tablet, though, what Google is testing is something you can wear – glasses. They recorded some videos to get early fan feedback, and already the web is buzzing with possibilities and potential pitfalls. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and one that highlights just how important it is for use content creators to make our blog posts, videos, podcasts, photographs, etc. available using smart devices. Luckily, development is happening on that front with companies like Yapp making it easier for people who have little technical knowledge create their very own apps. It’s easy to get stuck in our ways, but if we don’t evolves and go where our fans are, we’ll be missing out on traffic and sales opportunities.

“Amazon Law” Revoked in Colorado

Over the past few years, Amazon has been dumping affiliates in some states because of new laws surrounding taxation of Amazon’s products. In Colorado, however, the “Amazon Law” has been officially revoked by a federal court. This bodes well for bloggers and other users who want to get back into the Amazon affiliate game, but who live in a state where tax laws are currently preventing it. More than 25,000 affiliates found themselves out in the cold due to these tax laws, so it will be interesting to see if affiliates, many of whom were mad not just at their states but also at Amazon, start linking to the online retailer once again. Grudges sometimes die hard.

Facebook Aims to Get in the Search Game

Google might want to get a little worried – according to reports, Facebook is getting into the search game, or at least exploring this option. former Google employee Lars Rasmussen is heading up the development project with Facebook, which some speculate would be a major blow to Google+. It’s not all bad news for Google, though. The company actually wants competitors and is being vocal about it, since the EU is currently in the middle of an antitrust investigation, with critics saying that Google abuses its power in the search market to direct users to its own brand and decrease competitor viability.

In Case You Missed It

Here’s what you might have missed on the BlogWorld blog in the past week:

Awesome from the Archives

There are some golden posts in the post hidden in the BlogWorld archives. Here are three of my favorites that I think you should check out:

Check back every Wednesday for a New Media News Break just when you need it!

#BlameVikkisCancer – The Power Behind a Hashtag and Social Networks


What is Facebook good for? What is Twitter good for? Now I know…

Two weeks ago my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The hospital called us four hours after I stepped off the flight back from South by Southwest. For a few minutes, I didn’t know what to do, how to handle the emotions that were set off by the word ‘cancer’, and I needed to be there for Vikki.

Then I found my anchor. Drew Olanoff.

By that I don’t mean that he mysteriously appeared to hold our hands, but having watched him in his documented and public fight against his own cancer, rallying his friends around the hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer, and the subsequent work with the Livestrong charity, I had my life raft.

“That’s how Drew fought it,” I thought, “and I can’t think of a better example or guide than that.” Time has moved on, but those first few days I held on to the attitude of Drew while I learned to cope.

We found another benefit as well in being so open about the diagnosis. After speaking to our family and close friends, we posted the news online, through our blogs, through Facebook and on Twitter. And as the comments came in, with their mix of sorrow and best wishes, it was good to know Vikki (and I) have so many friends who are thinking about us, and supporting us in the fight. And of course we now have #BlameVikkisCancer.

Our communities online offer more than the words in the timeline or the Twitter stream, they offer support, they offer strength, and they offer reassurance.

Top Facebook Tips with Amy Porterfield (#BWEchat Transcript)


My head still hurts from this week’s #BWEchat – but in a good way! Our special guest was Amy Porterfield (@AmyPorterfield), who dropped tip and tip about using Facebook in conjunction with your blog. You can read the full transcript here, but I wanted to take a moment to compile her top tips and the tips other attendees gave to help you boost your presence on Facebook!

Q & A with Amy

First, let’s go over the questions we asked Amy during the chat, along with the helpful advice she gave to attendees (keep in mind this is a Twitter chat and I’m copy/pasting tweets directly, so answers are limited to 140 characters or given in multiple tweets)!

BlogWorld Expo: Big brands are on Facebook, why do content creators need to be on Facebook too?

Amy: Facebook is the perfect platform for content creators. When done right, FB will help you attract loyal, interested readers. PLUS, when you get conversations started around your content on FB, you will virally attract a larger audience to your site. When I post on my blog, I craft a few “teaser posts” for FB w/ links to my blog. This gets people curious enough to click! I also create short videos for FB to tease my content then link to my blog – mix up the media to attract different audiences.

BlogWorld Expo: Amy do you find people respond better to video than text?

Amy: On FB, I’ve seen users respond to and share photos the most. But second to that, video always grabs attention.

BlogWorld Expo: When we create FB pages for our blog, etc. what are the best ways to get people to “like” said Facebook page?

Amy: To get more “Likers” – get active outside of Facebook. Be interviewed, guest blog post, do webinars – this all drives FB LIKES! Also, Facebook Engagement Ads are a FANTASTIC way to attract your target audience to your Page. (More here: http://t.co/8Pfhl0ej). To get more FB Fans, consider adding a LIKE BOX to your website. It’s increased me FB Fans by 30%+! Wisestamp is a free tool that lets you pull in your latest FB post to your gmail email sig. Great way to get more fans!

BlogWorld Expo: It’s frustrating when you drop a discussion topic and no one responds. How do you get folks to participate?

Amy: To get more engagement on your FB page, ask questions that are easy to respond to-responses that can be short get more engagement. When you want more engagement on your FB Page, add a question to the front or end of your post, never bury it in the middle. On FB, don’t post & ditch! If u ask a question or start a conversation, stick around & jump into the conversation you started. It may seem silly to some, but quotes are hot on FB. But when you post an IMAGE w/ a quote in it, u can get massive engagement. Fill in the blank FB Posts are always a hit. Make your fill in the blank post entertaining & you will see even more engagement. Important: Most people are not on FB to do business with you. Meet your audience where they are at and mix biz with personal.

BlogWorld Expo: What is your #1 best Facebook tip?

Amy: My #1 best FB Tip: BE CONSISTENT. Show up daily. Constantly add value. Always engage. Just keep at it and you’ll see results.

Your Questions for Amy

The floor was also open for you to ask Amy questions about Facebook. Here are some of your questions – and her responses!

@GlendaWH: When you use “teaser posts”, do you also use NetworkedBlogs which also posts new blog posts to your FB Wall?

Amy: I’m not a fan of apps that pull in blog posts to a FB Page. Crafting an update about your latest blog gets MUCH more engagement.

@ideabloke: How do you feel about controversial topics to gain engagement/virality?

Amy: I’m not a fan of posting just to be controversial to create friction. But if it happens organically, I think it’s good!

@TomMartin: What’s your best suggestion for small companies that are having trouble getting traction?

Amy: Write a list of 10 hot topics (niche related) u know your target audience will engage with. This helps with FB posting. This list will help you stay on track and will get your creative juices flowing for some good ideas for posting. Also, check out your “external referrers” to see what’s already working for you. More here: http://t.co/SXYzqalw

@GlendaWH: After writing a blog post, how many teaser updates do you post? How far apart?

Amy: If you blog once a week, I would create 2-3 – & spread them out thru-out the week. And post these on Twitter and LI too!

@betterbloggingw: What’s the best way to separate ur Facebook personal profile from the business fan page?

Amy: With all the Timeline changes, I think you should not keep them separate. I say mix in biz with personal on both.

Advice from You Guys and Gals!

Amy wasn’t the only one with great tips to share. Here are some gems from other attendees:

@just_kate: Facebook is a great way to get people connected you content, especially of you have differs content types

@wordwhacker: FB is perfect for content creators, those who actually say something instead of just sell something. Also, FB is where our friends are. Followers too. But friends we talk to in more depth.

@connectyou: Facebook is where most are hanging out & they feel comfortable. If you provide both fun & value, it’s win/win!

@davekean: Because it’s far more familiar to many, FB seems to make people more comfortable interacting than other forms of SM

@ideabloke: I learned to mix up different content types as per @AmyPorterfield and it actually gets my engagement up!

@LindaSherman: Video personality has to do with practice, just like presenting does. Do more and more YOU will show up

@onezumi: Blog comments end up on Twitter, FB, etc, but I feel having a real, recognizable person behind what we do ties it together. The comments might not be all in one place, but if influence is tied to the person in charge you can still make many gains

@patdavis3: I also really like ‘caption this photo’ updates – they always go well

Thank you everyone for the great advice – and an especially big THANK YOU to Amy for sharing her Facebook wisdom! Next week, Simon Salt will be with us to talk about Pinterest for men, so I hope to see you all there (Wednesday at 9 PM EST).

Got a tip to share about Facebook but didn’t get to attend #BWEchat? Leave it as a comment below!

Could Facebook Shut Down? Understanding SOPA and PIPA


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our video explaining what SOPA and PIPA are and why you should care about these bills:


Pass the video on to all of your friends so we can fight SOPA/PIPA together! Even if you aren’t from the United States, these potential laws affect you; they affect every Internet user.

Please head to https://www.blogworld.com/SOPA to find out more about how you can join the fight against SOPA/PIPA and join us on Twitter this Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 at 9 PM EST for #bwechat, where we’ll be talking about these bills and what they mean to you.

Jerry Seinfeld Predicted Facebook in the 1990’s


Since the new Facebook Timeline is now rolling out to everyone (do you have it yet? do you!), I was doing a little digging this morning on the social networking site. As I was researching, I found this gem of a video – Jerry Seinfeld basically predicted Facebook in the 1990’s. (I dedicate this post to the BWE team who participated in the #BWEchat back channel last night. You guys are crazy.)

Jerry Seinfeld "Likes" you

Take a look at the video to see what I’m talking about.

So, not only does he predict Facebook, he explains the reason (okay, one of the reasons) it exists:

“It’s very important for human beings to feel they are popular and well liked amongst a large group of people, that we don’t care for.”

Jerry Seinfeld – you are a genius.

I wonder how many more 1990’s gems like this we could find, where they show that things haven’t really changed much? Just the way we do things has.

1.5 Million Pageviews in a Day … When a Post Goes Viral


Yesterday morning I saw several Facebook friends sharing a link. 15 Things White Girls Love to Do on Facebook. It was an honest, hilarious, sarcastic look at some of the things people (or more specifically, white girls) post.

My favorite was probably #2.

Express their extreme annoyance at this work day today and hint that it deserves a much needed alcoholic beverage at the end of it. WINK WINK.

And #11.

Subtly yell at no one in particular while being very specific. “Wow, it’s hard to believe that you think you know someone and then they turn around and STAB YOU IN THE BACK. Will never make that mistake again. EVER.”

Okay … I’ll admit, I laughed at every one. And maybe I cringed at a couple of things I have done myself.

It wasn’t until later I found out just how successful the post had been (2.3 million views in 3 days, 1.5 million views yesterday alone), and I reached out to Mary Gelpi (the girl behind 25 Pills a Day) to get her perspective. People often wonder how to get their post/video/podcast to go viral. I don’t know that it’s easy to replicate. In Mary’s case she had a post that was funny, easy to identify with, but one that also ended up pretty controversial. Many of the readers took the comments and conversation to an issue of race. Mary admitted in a follow up post, “If I would have known putting ‘white girl’ in the title would cause such an upheaval, I would have left it out.

But then it might not have gone as viral!

Tell us a little about your blog. Why did you start it, and who is your audience?
I started the blog a few months ago because after losing my health, job, and apartment, I had a lot of time on my hands. One day I was like, hmmm, maybe I’ll start a blog. It was meant to document the almost pathetic life I was living (being 27 and living with my parents seemed like a laughable yet perfect backdrop) I also really wanted to create a source of community for other people who were sick and didn’t really feel understood.

How did you come up with the topic for the 15 Things White Girls Love to do on Facebook?
It took me about 10 minutes to write that list, which I thought MAYBE 100 people would read. My friend Kaitlin and I have this “book” that we scribble our ideas in all the time. One of our chapters is called “What Kind of Facebooker Are You?” The list stemmed from that idea and I just threw in the more recent things I see everyday on Facebook.

How did you learn that the post went viral? What was your initial reaction?
I came home from my A&P Final and casually signed on to see if any of my friends/followers had said anything. At that point I had 9 followers. When I saw the numbers I thought it was a mistake. I screamed. My mom asked what the ruckus was about. I told her, we laughed, and then we watched that movie Message In a Bottle.

Why do you think that it went viral?
Good question. I think it rang true to a lot of people. And then it made some people mad. Mostly I just think people like to laugh, and that’s what it offered-an easy laugh.

What do you hope that readers learn from your blog, and about you, and is there anything you will try to do to get them to come back?
There were three goals I made when I started: Make people laugh. Create some understanding about the illness. Show people how cool I think my dog is. I guess I’ll just keep trying to do that!

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