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Read This Before You Click Facebook’s “Add to Timeline” Button


I was just reading an article on Mashable about a Facebook feature I think every FB user needs to be aware of, before you seriously embarrass yourself or your mother. (My mom is on Facebook, isn’t yours?)

The feature I am talking about was unveiled at the f8 conference. Whether you watched it or not, you may not be aware of Facebook’s auto-sharing feature or “Gestures” as they are calling it.

Basically, instead of having to click “Like” on everything, you just need to click “Add to Timeline” on the website your are visiting or the app you downloaded. This gives the app permission to share your activity on Facebook. Sure, that may not sound all that bad, but it can be.

Let’s say you’ve allowed a website to share everything you have read and you, um, forget. We’ve all read things (haven’t we?) that we didn’t want shared with the world wide web. For a list of amusing articles some of Mashable’s Pete Cashmore’s FB friends read, that were then shared on Facebook, read his article here.

What’s the moral of this story and what can you do to protect your privacy now that Facebook’s “Gestures” have entered the picture? Just know that everytime you click “Add to Timeline” on a website or app, every single thing you read will appear on your Facebook Timeline.

There are steps to take. We just need to educate ourselves on them. There are some good resources out there and I’ve listed a few on this Protecting Your Privacy on Facebook feature.

What do you think of Facebook’s “Add to Timeline” feature and have you seen anything embarrassing from your FB friends?

Top 5 Posts on Protecting Your Privacy on Facebook


With the announcement of the new Facebook Timeline came a lot of grunts, groans and privacy concerns.

The new Timeline is all about sharing your life story, which means having it all out there on display.

But what if you don’t want to share your life story? What if you’ve been using Facebook for a long time and you’d rather not let your new boyfriend see all of these pictures of your old boyfriend front and center in your “life story”?

Or let’s say you’re a dude and you don’t want your friends knowing you just listened to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” 5 times in a row. (Hey, I hear ya. It’s a catchy tune.)

There are ways with the slew of new Facebook features to take control of your privacy and make sure you’re not sharing things you’d rather keep to yourself, or the things you were glad to see buried within your years on Facebook.

Here are 5 posts on protecting your Facebook privacy:

1) The New Facebook: How to Take Control of Your Privacy (Mashable) – Sarah Kessler walks you through an in depth look at three of the new Facebook privacy concerns and how to opt out of them.

2) Get Started with the new Facebok Timeline (cnet) – Here are some ways to tweak your timeline to your own liking, as well as info on the new maps feature.

3) Geek Tip: Keep Spotify From Sharing Your Musical Guilty Pleasures on Facebook (PCWorld) – So, you’d rather not let all of your Facebook friends know you just jammed out to the Jonas Brothers via Spotify? There is a workaround that..for now.

4) Facebook Changes: A Complete Guide – Free Webinar September 30 (Mari Smith) – No, this isn’t a blog post but a webinar by Facebook guru Mari Smith. She’ll cover the privacy settings you need to know about and how to adjust them. Click the link to sign up.

5) 9 Critical Ways To Protect Your Privacy On The New Facebook (Business Insider) -This is a quick look at the share settings, the new friends list, the subscribe button and more.

Did you write a post on Facebook privacy or know of a good one not listed above? Please share the link in the comments section. Also, let me know your thoughts on the new Facebook privacy concerns.

Facebook Makes More Than a Dozen Privacy & Tagging Changes


Facebook made a big announcement today, which includes more than a dozen privacy and tagging changes. They want to “make it easier to share posts, photos, tags and other content with exactly the people you want”. This follows their recent news regarding new mobile security features.

Since the company has been told by users that there needs to be some changes within the privacy features of Facebook, they have made many changes that are more visual and straightforward.

You can choose to use the new tool to approve or reject any photo or post you are tagged in before it's visible to anyone else on your profile.

Here’s a list of the changes on your profile:

  • Inline Profile Controls
  • Profile Tag Review
  • Content Tag Review
  • View Profile As…

The control for who can see each post will be right inline. For each audience, there is now an icon and label to help make it easier to understand and decide who you're sharing with. Also, when you tag someone, the audience label will automatically update to show that the person tagged and their friends can see the post.

Here’s a list of the changes when you share:

  • Inline controls
  • Word Change: “Everyone” to “Public”
  • Change Your Mind After You Post?
  • Tag Who You’re With, or What You Want to Talk About
  • Tag Locations in Posts
  • Remove Tags or Content from Facebook

You can read about each change in detail on Facebook’s blog post here. Their ultimate goal with all of these changes are that “these new tools make it easier to share with exactly who you want, and that the resulting experience is a lot clearer and a lot more fun”.

With the changes listed above, do you feel your privacy on Facebook is more well protected?


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