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Facebook Adds New Mobile Security Features


Facebook announced yesterday two new mobile security features. They realize more people are using mobile devices and want their security tools available everywhere you use Facebook.

Social reporting was rolled out in March, which is a tool that helps you resolve issues with posts, profiles or other content on the site. If users see content they don’t like, you can alert members and Facebook. Let’s say you don’t like a photo of yourself that has been uploaded by someone, you can use social reporting to ask that person to take it down.

Facebook says that almost 70% of the reported photos are taken down by the owner. Over the coming months, they will add social reporting to all mobile devices.

Another security feature is the password reset for times when you forget your Facebook log in information. They are testing different improvements for resetting your password from your mobile phone. As of now, you can choose the email address where you want the reset information sent to and soon they will offer other ways to confirm your identity.

It seems Facebook is doing what they can to make our accounts and personal lives more secure. Have you seen those Facial Recognition ads yet?

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