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The “Bounce It Off Millions” Program Begins Today on Facebook


Bounce, you know…the fabric softener, wants you to hand over your big life question to Facebook Bounce fans. It’s called the “Bounce It Off Millions” program and it launched today (August 22nd) via their Facebook page.

Bounce says, “Got a big decision to make? Ask your question and get Bounce fans to help you choose the best answer. We’ll feature a few of the most thought-provoking, brain bending questions in one of our Facebook ads.”

You’re supposed to click on the link they provide and submit your question that way, but some are already asking questions on Bounce’s Facebook wall. So far some of the questions have been where to go on your 40th wedding anniversary and the best welcome home gift for a son who has been deployed.

Some of the questions via the link have been “what color should my wife dye her hair” and “should we buy another dog”. Go au natural and absolutely not are my answers.

A Bounce rep told Mashable this is “the first time a Facebook ad has run with an embedded poll”.

What are your thoughts on this campaign? Creative or not so much?

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