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Covering Red Carpet Events For Your Entertainment Blog


One of the best ways to get a ton of great content and get your blog noticed, is to get involved as press on a red carpet event. Whether you’re covering a movie premiere in your city, or an award show in Los Angeles, you’re bound to get amazing interviews and unique content that will drive viewers to your blog. I’ve been to several award shows (MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awards, etc) and have some tips and tricks for covering red carpet events for your entertainment blog!

Before the Event:

  • Apply for a Press Pass. This is a must. You can’t just show up at the event! Most events allow for press applications a couple months before the show airs. For instance, I just applied for an MTV Video Music Awards pass and the event isn’t until September! If you’re searching for awards shows, you can pretty much just Google the show + press and you’ll be directed to the press site. I put together a calendar of events I want to attend, and start searching early. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get accepted, and don’t reach for the stars! There are so many bloggers applying for passes, the events are starting to get picky.
  • Ask for a Talent List: Most venues provide this, but if they don’t, ASK! This will give you an idea of who they expect to walk the red carpet, and you can make to research the talent in advance and …
  • Put Together a List of Questions: Come with a cheat sheet! And try to be original. All the other interviewers will be asking who the celebs are looking forward to seeing, are they excited to be there, and what are they wearing? Instead ask questions that your audience will want to hear/read. Be original and forward thinking. And try to ask several of the celebrities the same question so you can edit it together as a montage. Sometimes you’ll only get to call out a question to a celeb in passing – not enough for it’s own interview, but you can group their responses (thrown casually over a shoulder) with others.
  • Charge Your Batteries. You’ll probably be bringing your video camera and (if you’re lucky to be able to use it) your digital camera. Charge your batteries and bring extras!
  • Come Prepared. Bring your laptop if you plan on uploading information right after the show. Bring your phone if you want to live Tweet the event. Bring a microphone for your video camera if you can! You’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Day of The Event:

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