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Social Media Explosion Not Translating into Jobs, Yet.


We all know the hype behind social media, heck, we all LOVE the hype behind it.  We all know how much easier it is to get in touch, stay in touch and find New people to want to be in touch with, when you’re using social networking, and any or all of the tools of social media at your disposal.  It’s easier to find people, meet people, and, if the original claims were true, find employment.  Or is it?

So far, not so good according to new reports.  While social media and social networking has been lauded as the newest, best and brightest way to network and find new forms of employment, it doesn’t look like the results are living up to the hype…yet.  Instead of the onslaught of new social media and the technology behind it leading to the creation of a whole new set of job skills, job descriptions and yes, job openings, it seems like so far people are turning to internal, existing employees and just asking them to adopt new responsibilities.

Here’s what JetBlue had to say, that says a whole lot about the current hiring status of some of the biggest, and most active companies when it comes to new media:

“Rather than hiring external social-media savvy people…we looked internally for people who happened to be active on social media in their personal lives.”

Will this change?  Right now, we can’t say, but given the current recession state of our economy, it seems a lot more likely that internal hunting is going to continue to take place, and a lot of these responsibilities that might have otherwise required a new employee, are going to be passed around to the existing ones.

This isn’t to say it’ll always be this way, anything could happen, and all of you job hunters would be extremely wise to add as many new social media and social networking skills to your arsenal.  Just a thought.

Job Seeking? Social Networking Can Help!


linkedin-logo In today’s economy, it seems to me that people fall into one of two categories:  Lucky to still have their job, or desperately searching for a new one.  Granted this is most likely a very vast generalization, but you get the point.  The good news is, the tools available as a job seeker are more plentiful than ever, and given the rise of social networking, you have more methods at your disposal than at any other time in history.

The fact that you’re reading this blog means that you know, better than a lot of people, that when it comes to success, networking can be a huge part of it.  Networking is key, and the better you’re able to do that, the more success you’ll probably be seeing.  Why would it be any different when it comes to job seeking?  Social networking sites from Twitter to Facebook, Myspace to LinkedIn are making networking easier than ever, and given the current state of our economy, the timing is just about perfect.

How bad has it gotten?  Try this on for size:

“Since December 2007, 2.7 million U.S. residents have lost their jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics…In answer to those swelling unemployment numbers, U.S. web traffic to employment sites has increased 20 percent across the board in the past few months and 4 percent in February 2009 compared to February 2008, according to Hitwise. Traffic to MySpace accounted for 52 percent of those visits, the highest in the category; Facebook visits increased 149 percent in February compared to the same period a year ago; and Tagged received 2.47 percent of visits in February.”

In a word…Wow.  Bottom line is that people are using social networking and social media more than ever to not only find the jobs that are hiding out there, but actually land them.  The time to adopt and embrace new technology is now, and when it comes to your employment, don’t you want every single trick you can possibly find?  Yeah, us too.

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