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5 Ideas To Fill Your Blog’s Editorial Calendar


… by Michele McGraw

There are days the ideas come fast and furious and other days, it just doesn’t happen. You know you should have an editorial calendar to help you blog consistently, but how do you fill the editorial calendar with ideas?

Blogging about timely subjects will also help your SEO. Here are a few ideas to keep your blog posts consistent and current.

  • Plan ahead for major holidays. We all know when the major holidays are during the year, but how do the holidays affect planning in your niche? If you are a craft blogger, you will need to think about your Valentine’s projects needs in advance of Valentine’s Day.
  • Check for special days in your niche. In addition to the holidays, there are special observance days and there are probably a few that you could celebrate in your niche. If you blog about coin collecting, you wouldn’t want to miss National Penny Day on May 23. MyDailyPlan-It.com lists holidays by day, week and month.
  • Search your niche keywords. Type in a few of the main keywords in your niche and see what shows up in Google, Bing or Yahoo. If nothing triggers ideas, try searching in Delicious, Diigo and StumbleUpon. For more current ideas, search news sites for your keywords.
  • Check book and movie release schedules. The release of new books or movies will often create discussions surrounding the movie or books topic. These topics may be in your niche. Instead of responding to the discussion, create the discussion. You can find release schedules for movies on ComingSoon.net. If you search Amazon for books in your niche and sort by “Publication Date,” you will see future book release dates. (While you are Amazon, look at book titles for ideas too.)
  • Look at your snail mailbox. Your magazines, junk mail and catalogs are a great resource for ideas. Retailers and publishers are always trying to be ahead of the trends and news.

Using the above ideas, you should be able to fill your editorial calendar for the year. Having the editorial calendar does not mean you MUST use that idea on that day, but when you need an idea, you will have it.

Where do you get your ideas?

Michele McGraw (@ScrappinMichele), a work-at-home mother of 4, can be found blogging about technology and digital scrapbooking at Scraps of My Geek Life

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30 Days to a Better Blog: Make an Editorial Calendar


30 Days to a Better Blog: Make an Editorial Calendar

Frequently used by journalists, an editorial calendar is a great way to plan out your content for an extended period of time. This is a great tool for motivation and organization – and it helps you fill in any content gaps in your blog. Here are some simple steps to making an editorial calendar for your blog:

  • Determine how you want to document your calendar. This could be a spreadsheet, document, Google calendar, physical calendar, or even a WordPress plugin!
  • Brainstorm content ideas and decide how you want to distribute them. Do you want to rotate through various topics, focus on a topic each week, or even create a weekly column (i.e. Thankful Thursday)? Once you decide, try to stay consistent so your audience (and future sponsors) know what to expect.
  • Consider holiday and topical posts to include.
  • Move things around if they don’t fit! This is why it helps to use an online tool at first.
  • Don’t be afraid to add additional content on top of your editorial calendar posts. Depending on your blog topic, timely information may need to be included. You can slot in a generic spot for news-focused posts, or add them in on top of your planned content.

Once you’ve established your editorial calendar for the next 30 days, keep it up! Spend time each week making edits and brainstorming further. By developing your content ideas earlier, you can begin to reach out to potential sponsors and affiliates for your posts!

Here are some other great resource for ideas on making an editorial calendar:

Have you created an editorial calendar? Tell us what you include below!

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