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MTV’s OMAs Digital Music Awards Open For Voting Today!


MTV announced their new O Music Awards earlier this year and now they’ve revealed their slew of nominees. The first event is set to be held on April 28th, and will occur across a variety of websites, including MTV.com, VH1.com, and the big social networking sites. Voting is supposed to begin today online here.

Among the odd categories are:

  • Innovative Music Video
  • Fan Army FTW
  • Must Follow Artist on Twitter
  • NSFW Music Video
  • Most Viral Dance
  • Best Independent Music Blog
  • Best Animal Performance
  • Best Fan Forum
  • Best Music Hack
  • Funniest Music Short
  • Favorite Animated GIF
  • Best Music Discovery Service

Various groups up for the awards include mainstream artists like Lady Gaga, Kanye West, The Flaming Lips, Nicki Minaj and Radiohead – as well as online artists Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator, Antoine Dodson/Gregory Brothers, and Funny or Die.

The award show is designed to celebrate digital music and is an attempt to connect with the “Net Generation” (those in their early-30s or younger). It will be a multi-platform program where fans can chat online via Facebook and Twitter.

Dermot McCormack, evp, digital media for MTV Music and Logo Group, reveals, “We want to reinvent how award shows work. I’m sure it is going to be weird for some people. But this is about a confluence of events, and music as a category is at the center of this.

But what’s the O? “The O in O Music Awards has been purposely left open to interpretation to generate a reaction and spur conversation, and can stand for any myriad of words that the audience can choose from that captures the essence of the show in their minds such as open, ongoing, online among countless others,” MTV said in a statement.

Will you be tuning in?

MTV Launches OMAs Focused on Digital Music and Social Media


MTV has announced that it’s launching a new awards show focused on digital music and social media. The show, called the O Music Awards (or OMAs) will air on Thursday, April 28th. What does the O stand for? Well, they’re leaving the ‘O’ open to interpretation from viewers!

The network said the awards “honour the migration of music to the digital space, and celebrate the art, artistry and technology of digital music.” and they hope the show will do for digital music what the Video Music Awards did for music video.

The goal is to present a heavily interactive awards show – spread across the internet, social media, and mobile applications.

Categories and nominees haven’t yet been announced – but MTV plans to announce a hub for the event. What categories do you think should be included?

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