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Adobe Launches CreatePDF for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch


You can now create PDF files from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with CreatePDF. Adobe launched the mobile app today for $9.99 at the iTunes store. This is Adobe’s first official crack at enabling PDF creation on iOS devices.

CreatPDF for the iPhone

Here are a few of the features for CreatePDF:

High Quality PDF Creation

  • Creates PDF files that look exactly like the original using the same technology as Adobe Acrobat

Intuitive Interface for PDF Conversion

  • Convert email attachments or files stored in the cloud or any application by opening them within the Adobe CreatePDF application


  • Hand over converted PDF files to other applications, including sending as email attachments with one touch

For those of you on the go and working from your iPad or iPhone, you can use this app for any document that needs to be sent as a PDF. This eliminates the need to be at your desktop, unless you’re doing something more sophisticated.

So far, the reviews have not been so great, although there’s only 2 at the time of this writing. One reviewer was disappointed when she discovered you could create PDF files, but could not open them from an email. She did like the clean interface, but would like it to be able to open the PDF documents.

Do you find this app useful enough to pay $9.99 for or would you rather just wait to send the PDF when you’re back in front of your computer?

Update: In regards to the comment made by the reviewer that she could not open PDF documents from an email, for opening and viewing PDF files on your iOS device, you can currently use the default PDF Preview. Adobe Reader for iOS will be coming later this year.

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