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Holidays 2010: All About Location-Based Services?


Although Foursquare was around this time last year, this is the first holiday season where I think we’ll see significant use of location-based social networking by shoppers. While users have long-used apps to locate stores, I think we’ll see a rise in usage this year for one main reason: coupons.

According to a survey as seen on Mashable, an average of 30 percent of users are willing to travel move than five miles to redeem a coupon. Of the 1200 surveyed, 21 percent are already using mobile coupons and 36 percent expect product descriptions found on location apps to be valuable while doing holiday shopping. Times are still tough, and just like last year, shoppers are willing to give up convenience of shopping online, shopping at a single store, or shopping at the nearest store to save money. I know I am.

So what does this all mean to you?

For Businesses:

  1. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, consider offering a coupon via location-based apps like Foursquare and Whrrl. In general, the better coupon you offer, the farther customers will travel to redeem it.
  2. Produce descriptions will go a long way in convincing someone to come to your store. Even if you can’t afford an awesome coupon, smart usage of location-based services can help you attract customers.
  3. Publicize your location-based app deals. If you leave it up to the customer to stumble upon what you’re offering, you won’t see much of  response.
  4. If you’re online-only, it might not make sense to offer coupons for location-based services, but don’t forget that offering coupons during the holiday season is a great way to drum up some business. Even if you’re a blogger offering an ebook, discounts during the holidays are appreciated.

For Shoppers:

  1. If you use a location-based service to find someone, especially a small business, tell the cashier as you check out. It encourages them to continue using the service.
  2. Do searches before you leave home to find the best deals and coupons being offered.
  3. Considering downloading a few different apps, since coupons could be offered through some, but not others. For example, Foursquare is great when I’m around home because some of the businesses I frequent offer coupons, but while I was at BlogWorld, Whrrl gave me amazing deals.

Will you be using location-based social networking this holiday season?

Blogging for Bargains!


I used to clip coupons from newspapers and magazines, but I don’t any more.  I don’t even take the newspaper, and haven’t for several years.  I still get a few magazines in the mail, but I’ll probably let the subscriptions lapse when they come due again.

That being said, I still use coupons every time I go to the grocery or drugstore, and I save tons of money every month.

I just don’t clip coupons any more.  Not these days.  Now, I just download them!

I download my coupons from several places, and more often than not, I am POINTED to those places by bloggers.

I’ve gotten great deals from coupons.com, and from Coupon Cabin, and from Coupon Mom, and from My Coupons, and from RetailMeNot.  Sometimes, I get coupon codes from blogs and websites and use them for online purchases.  I have discovered that quite often, a store will offer a “free shipping” code on top of a sale, and I’ve gotten some tremendous bargains with those.

Everything is so expensive these days, and a few cents off might not seem like much, but it adds up, especially when you’re feeding a family.

I loved reading a real newspaper, and I adore relaxing with a magazine, but again, everything is just so costly now, these things had to go.  Fortunately, I’ve got their equivalents, complete with coupons, on the amazing and wonderful internet.  Just read some blogs, and you’ll see.   Bloggers know where the bargains are, and they’re happy to point the way to YOU!

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