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Classmates.com Hit with Class Action Lawsuit for Privacy Violations


Do you use Classmates.com or have you in the past? If so, you might like to hear about this interesting bit of news. The company is being hit with a class action lawsuit for privacy violations.

The settlement is for anyone residing in the United States who were registered with or subscribed to www.classmates.com at any time beginning on October 30, 2004 through February 23, 2011. The lawsuit claims “Classmates sent e-mail to subscribers of www.classmates.com that violated the law and the privacy rights of subscribers”, among other things.

Classmates has denied any wrongdoing, but has agreed, because of risks and expenses of continuing this lawsuit, that a settlement is appropriate.

What will you get if you join the settlement? They’ve guesstimated around $10 per person, payable through Paypal or a physical check. That’s obviously not a lot of money, but most likely people will join the lawsuit to make a statement regarding their privacy.

To access the claim form, go here.

This lawsuit opens up some interesting questions as to what can happen if the public’s privacy is violated. Facebook has beefed up their privacy and others might want to take note of this.

So, let’s open up the discussion – What does this lawsuit say to you about privacy violations and should other companies pay attention to it?

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