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Support Your Favorite Charity for We-Care.com’s $100K #MillionDimes #NMX event.


We’re excited to share with you that WeCare is giving away $100,000 during NMX as part of its MillionDimes event. It starts today at noon Pacific Time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find your favorite charity’s Twitter handle
  2. Follow @WeCare on Twitter
  3. Include the @WeCare handle in your tweet
  4. Include the #MillionDimes hashtag

For example:

Follow @WeCare & help raise a #MillionDimes, every tweet/RT is $.10 for @[cause]  http://www.we-care.com/MillionDimes = $100K! #NMX

Or if you’d like to tell someone about this special fundraising event:

@Oprah Follow @WeCare & help raise a #MillionDimes, every rweet/RT is $.10 for @SaveTheChildren  http://www.we-care.com/MillionDimes = $100K! #NMX

You get the idea. Include @WeCare, the Twitter handle of your charity, the link, the #MillionDimes and #NMX hashtags, and what the promotion is about. And, by doing so, you’ll be helping your favorite causes!

Oh, and by the way, retweets count, so get your following involved to help you (and them) raise money for charity.  If you  can get celebs or other high profile people involved, your charity may be able to get even more money! Or tweet them to let them know that they can help their favorite charity! Any U.S. nonprofit cause 501 (c3, c4) is eligible.

Double Dimes:

When a nonprofit includes the Twitter handle of another nonprofit, those tweets and retweets count twice.  So, make sure all the nonprofits you know on Twitter know they can multiply their impact when they mention other causes.

The fundraiser starts today at 12 p.m. (PT), Monday, January 7, and continues though 12pm on Monday January 14 at 12 p.m. So, you have a full week to raise lots of money for the causes you care about. Now, let’s start tweeting to make a difference!

For more details visit www.we-care.com/MillionDimes

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