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Learn to Create a Promotional Blog Network with the Double Duty Divas


BlogWorld 2010 Speaker
New Media 201 Track
Friday October 15, 2010
Mariners A/12

Time: 12:15-1:15 PM
Cecelia Mecca & Bridgette Duplantis
Harnessing the Power of Numbers: Creating a Blog Network

In 2009 Cecelia (Cool Baby Kid) and Bridgette (Experimental Mommy) met at a conference and realized they had many things in common: two children, a full-time job and a blog. Doing “Double Duty” was a topic they discussed at length and the Double Duty Diva network began to take shape. Harnessing the power of numbers in their blog niche to promote and support each other, they decided to join forces and streamline many of their tasks. Beginning with a few like-minded bloggers and armed with email addresses, the original network consisted of cross-promotional campaigns without a set structure.  But as the community began to grow, the Divas decided to create a home for themselves and add consultation services to their repertoire.

At BlogWorld Expo 2010Bridgette and Cecelia will host a panel titled Harnessing the Power of Numbers: Creating a Blog Network on Friday, October  15th.  Ranging from a behind the scenes email campaign to a full forum, Cecelia and Bridgette will discuss various blog network possibilities.  From how to get started to monetization potential, “Harnessing the Power of Numbers” will share practical tips and resources for anyone looking to create a blog network. With free community building sites such as BuddyPress.org or paid servies and community plugins for an existing WordPress blogs, a host of ideas will enable the network creator to begin building their group immediately.

Example blog networks (9Rules) will be provided to attendees, and Cecelia and Bridgette offer a range of possibilities while differentiating from a publishing network such as b5Media to a promotional one such as the Diva network.  And while promotional blog networks may offer monetization opportunities for their owners, the panel will concentrate on the power of this type of network to increase exposure, offer cross-promotional opportunities and share readership.

If you’re interested in connecting with bloggers in your niche in a whole new way, add Harnessing the Power of Numbers to your SCHED profile.

Cecelia Mecca, PhD and Bridgette Duplantis
Cecelia and Bridgette are co-creators of the Double Duty Divas and manage their own sites at Cool Baby Kid and Experimental Mommy, respectively.  They also both work full time with two young children earning them the title of chief Double Duty Divas.

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