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The Photography Wars Heat Up


My entire life I’ve enjoyed taking photos. Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see that I’m constantly capturing moments from my life and sharing them with the world. This allows people to connect with me in a way that my blog, podcast or other mediums have never allowed.

Most of us leave the house every day with a camera in our pocket (aka a phone) and yet businesses big and small seem to be ignoring or not fully realizing the power of photography when they plan out their marketing efforts.

Repeat after me: Photography MUST Be Part of Your Marketing Plans.

I’ve been saying it for years and yet not everyone was listening. We even dedicated a whole chapter to photography in Content Rules because Ann and I knew that no matter what business you were in, images are important.

This week we’ve seen the battle for photography heating up online as Instagram pulled their images from Twitter, Flickr unveiled a major update and Twitter added editing capabilities to their native app.

It is easier than ever to take a photo, post it online and get reactions to it. Take one minute to look at your social network of choice and you’ll see photos throughout.

Images are the most important content you can create to get attention online.

I’m not discounting other forms of content, but I am telling you that if you are not creating and sharing images as part of your marketing mix you are in trouble.

Humans enjoy looking at photos. They stand out and get attention from even the most click happy of web surfers.

During my session at NMX I’ll be discussing the importance of photography, but I’ll also be sharing tips on how anyone can find, take and share images that people will enjoy.

While I won’t have time to teach a full photography class, I do plan on sharing my personal workflow and plan on everyone leaving thinking and taking photos in a new light compared to when they walked in.

Overheard on #Blogchat: Have Something to Say (@CC_Chapman)


Do you participate in #blogchat? Every week, this weekly discussion on Twitter focuses on a specific topic and bloggers everywhere are invited to join in. Because I often have more to say than what will fit in 140 characters, every Sunday night (or Monday morning), I post about some of the most interesting #blogchat tweets. Join the conversation by commenting below.

(Still confused? Read more about #blogchat here.)

This Week’s Theme: Creating Engaging Content (w/ special guests @MarketingProfs & @CC_Chapman)

To kick off this week’s Overheard on #Blogchat post, I wanted to highlight what I think was one of the best tweets of the night, straight from the mouth (or fingertips I guess) of one of the special guest hosts:

@cc_chapman: My best blog writing advice? Only write when you have something to say.

No matter what your niche, there is certain information your readers need. Sometimes, it’s basic 101-level information. Sometimes it’s a news story that affects the lives of your readers. Sometimes it’s an update on a post you did in the past. For most bloggers, not every post is going to be super entertaining, something that’s going to win an award. And that’s ok. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be an amazing post.

Why do your readers come to your blog? That’s an easy one: They want to get their information from you. If you don’t have a voice, what’s the point? Depending on the tone of your blog and your niche, for some people, the information needs to come first and the personality needs to come second, but if what you’re posting could easily go on anyone’s blog under any name, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach.

After all, this is blogging, not encyclopedia creation. If I want a straight news story, I go to one of the major news outlets. I go to blogs because I want to know what those bloggers have to say.

  • Lots of bloggers reported on the iPad 2 announcement…but did you just state the fact (which can easily be found everywhere), or did you tell your readers why you do or do not want to buy it?
  • Lots of bloggers talk about writing great headlines, but do you present the headlines tips in a fun, new, or interesting way?
  • Lots of bloggers live blog events, but do you give your readers a typical bullet-point rundown or do something original?

It’s not about being quirky or off-the-wall. It’s just about being you. A news story isn’t you. Give it a voice! And if you aren’t inspired to do that every single day, maybe you don’t need to post every day. It’s better to have one amazing post per week than it is to have 10 so-so posts per week.

After all, it only takes one. One good post will create a reader who hits the subscribe or bookmark button…but more importantly, one bad post or boring post will create a sense of urgency to hit the back button, and even if your next post is amazing, they likely won’t be back to read it.

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