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BlogWorld Was Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America


The BlogWorld Team is happy to announce some exciting news! This morning, Friday November 19th, BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America in a segment with Workplace Correspondent Tory Johnson.

Did you miss it? No worries, you can catch the video on ABC’s website and read Tory’s article here.

Tory visited BlogWorld at Mandalay Bay Convention Center to learn firsthand about the buzz surrounding the event. She spoke with dozens of bloggers, new media experts, and exhibitors about how blogging and social media plays a role in their lives and today’s world. She also explored the topic of monetization, gathering advice and information on the latest technologies from exhibitors at the event.

Her steps include:

  1. Select a topic you’re passionate about. Make sure you have a lot to say.
  2. Create a promotional plan. Figure out how you’ll get readers.
  3. Build the blog.
  4. Figure out how to make money.
  5. Take it offline — bring it to life.

BlogWorld’s Over, Now What?


BlogWorld 2010 was probably the most rewarding experience of my career. Being a part of this extraordinary team and helping to pull off such an important event is a rush I can’t even begin to describe. In the last few weeks before the event it was a little stressful as we did our best to make sure nothing and no one fell through the cracks. However, when show time dawned, I wasn’t stressed at all. Everyone asked if I was frantic, stressed or crazed, and I said “no” to them all. I might have had a couple of busy moments, but for the most part there was nothing to stress over. This is what happens when everyone works hard to ensure an event’s success. We had a couple of very small fires to put out, but no major episodes.

As I spoke with BlogWorld attendees, I joked that I was going to sleep late for the next few weeks and not surface for the next few months. The entire BlogWorld team fantasized about ending our work day at a decent hour or even taking a little vacation. Truthfully? Many of us took a couple of days off, but on Wednesday, a few days after BlogWorld, we were all back at work and having a Post Show Analysis or PSA meeting. As I’m the only one involved who lives on the East Coast, I was the only one who couldn’t attend the meeting in person. However with Skype it was the next best thing to being there.

I knew we’d discuss the speakers and the venue, but I had no idea of the laundry list of items we would go over. Rick and Dave are pros and they left no stone unturned. We discussed everything from schedules to food, from the bathrooms to the registration process. We talked about what went well, and what we’ll have to change for next year. There were a few specific areas, for example, keeping an accurate speaker roster (as speakers were added or dropped out) and making sure everyone made it to the schedules, signage and directories, that we have to do better for next year. There were other areas that we feel rocked. For example, we felt we had our best content ever this year.

So what are we doing now that BlogWorld is over? Well, we’re working on receiving and analyzing attendee feedback so we can better plan our next event. This means if you were at BlogWorld you’ll probably receive an email from us in the next week or so requesting you fill out a survey about BlogWorld, our speakers and sessions and your overall experience. We hope you’ll be honest with your assessment and that you won’t delete the survey before sending it to us. Without your feedback we can’t have an even better BlogWorld in 2011.

We’re also dealing with a ton of housekeeping. Just because BlogWorld’s over doesn’t mean we’re still not receiving massive amounts of email each day and they all deserve attention. Plus we’re just starting the early planning stages of BlogWorld 2011. If we want to continue to grow and get better, we have to plan early.

BlogWorld may be over, but we’re not resting on our laurels. The West Coast contingent is in the office every day and I’m working at home. We’re reading your blog posts and your Tweets and we’re so stoked that the majority of you truly dug BlogWorld ’10. We’re also reaching out to those of you who offered negative feedback to learn why your experience wasn’t positive and how we can fix it next year. For you, BlogWorld is over. For us, it never ends.

If you have any feedback on this year’s event or have suggestions on how we can raise the bar for BlogWorld please share in the comments.

Win an iPad From YouCast!!


YouCast, a sponsor of BlogWorld 2010’s Tech Karaoke event, creates integrated social media campaigns for BRANDS and provides INFLUENCERS with unique, quality content and promotions.

BlogWorld INFLUENCERS: Join the YouCast Influencer Network by tonight at midnight and automatically be entered for a chance to win an iPad!
Help us learn more about your blogging interests here – so we can connect you with the brands that best fit.

Brands include; Turner Networks, Pepsi, Mandalay Films, CBS Films, Pepsi, OMD, WPP, Energizer, Novartis, GE, Ad Council, Ventura Foods

BRANDS can also sign up and enter code #bwe10 to automatically be registered for $1,000 off your next marketing campaign with YouCast.

YouCast is a highly specialized digital marketing company with established expertise in social media marketing including Influencer Marketing, Digital Word of Mouth, Social Media Reputation Management, Social Media Strategy.  With a range of products and innovative marketing solutions for major brands and advertisers, YouCast incorporates key components of SEO, Media Buying and PR into a winning formula/secret sauce that results on managed and tracked distribution of Brand Assets & Communications into the Earned Media space.

The YouCast Vision:
Provide advertisers with the ability to activate and communicate with thousands of proven influencers across multiple channels for multiple brands, while measuring and optimizing the impact on the brand and campaign on a real time basis.  Provide Influencers with a source of powerful content and publisher growth opportunities from both a traffic and a revenue point of view.

Creating Brand Influencer Networks:

  • Developed proprietary technologies that allow the company to produce superior and more cost effective campaigns for its clients.
  • Part CMS, part Influencer Management, part ad network, the YouCast Influencer DataStream delivers to advertisers the ability to track, re-target and build audience beyond the network hub or owned media properties.
  • Developing Brand Influencer Networks that allow for highly targeted campaigns enlisting segmented teams of Influencers who can drive sales and conversions with their significant power of referral.

YouCast has the expertise to reach the right consumer with the right message — to pinpoint niche communities, influencers and social networks where the target market will seek information and make decisions.

YouCast has access to the target consumers in Social Media through our Influencer Network and proven earned media marketing processes.


BlogWorld 2010 Web Round-Up!


BlogWorld 2010 has come to a close, but everyone is still in the midst of uploading blog posts, videos, images, podcasts, and more. I’m trying to aggregate that information in one spot (this post) – so feel free to post your own links in the comments section and I’ll add you.

As a first-time attendee to BlogWorld, I was extremely impressed by every aspect of the event – from the panels and speakers to the exhibit floor and sponsors. And even as a long-time blogger, I garnered information and tips from each panel I attended!

Official BlogWorld:

Blog Posts About BlogWorld 2010:


I know I’m missing some, so help me fill in the blanks!

Photo/image credit: (cc) Kenneth Yeung – www.snapfoc.us

Live Streaming: The How, The Why and The Future


Tune in this morning at 11:00AM-12:00PM for live streaming of our Live Streaming panel with Cali Lewis (moderator), Philip Nelson, Colleen Kelly, and Tammy Camp! Details below.


Live Streaming: The How, The Why and The Future

Colleen Kelly Henry Philip Nelson Tammy Camp Cali Lewis
Colleen Kelly Henry Philip Nelson Tammy Camp Cali Lewis

Live streaming is the “next big thing”. It’s taken the online space by storm because it offers people interactivity with their entertainment – directly and without delay. On this panel Colleen Henry, Philip Nelson, Cali Lewis and Tammy Camp will discuss how you can take advantage of live streaming technology to enhance your business or personal brand. They’ll educate attendees about matching streaming purposes with your goals, easy set-up tips, examples of how traditional and new media personalities are using it, overcoming challenges, and what the future of live streaming looks like. This will be an information-packed session with lots of take-aways for you to start streaming!

Monetization Super Panel: John Chow Ad-Free Blog But Still Make Money!


In this two hour super-session, monetization experts offered the secrets of their success! Led by Jim Kukral, the speakers included Anita Campbell, Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker, and John Chow.

John Chow showed us how to have an ad-free blog but still make money!

He started off by giving us a glimpse at the Average Blog Business Model:

  • Produce content. Add Google AdSense
  • This business model doesn’t work
  • It requires too much traffic
  • The ad rates are too low

The main issue – when someone clicks on an ad, they leave your blog!

John’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model that he uses on JohnChow.com:

  • Capture the lead!  Get the email first and foremost (RSS, Twitter, Facebook are secondary).  Get leads with free incentives and start the list from day one.  John obtains leads by collecting newsletter subscribers and encouraging people to purchase his Free Ebook via a one-time Lightbox Popup and the Ultimate Footer Ad.
  • Build the relationship.  Have an automatic auto responder and then set up a series of emails to send out as a tie in to your free incentive.  Establish trust by building yourself as an authority.
  • Put the lead through a sales funnel.  Find targeted products to recommend (could be your own products or affiliate products) … but recommend … DON’T SELL!

Do Big Brands Really Get This Social Thing?


… by Kay Madati, CNN Worldwide

A social media evangelist friend once told me, “big brands don’t incubate innovation, they covet it, so they buy it, then they try to ‘synergize’ and integrate it, all the while giving it a slow and eventual death by a thousand cuts!”

These were his unvarnished thoughts as I contemplated leaving a small but burgeoning social media company in New York, to join CNN Worldwide to help shepherd their forays into the social sphere.

Fast-forward 3 years, and here I am moderating a panel session at BlogWorld 2010 on a derivation of the exact same topic – namely, ‘Just how IS Corporate America leveraging the challenges and the opportunities that exist around the social web.’ And boy-o-boy what a meaty topic to take on! This year alone has seen the highest -highs and the lowest-lows of how brands have taken their social media leaps.

Would you have liked to have led PR at BP in the middle of this summer? I’m sure they have some new learnings about the power of the social web.

With that being said, we have assembled a strong cadre of some of the world’s biggest brands: Ford Motor Company, Kodak, Citibank, PepsiCo, J&J, and yours truly, CNN. Each of these companies has a compelling tale to tell of how social media is evolving their work product and their respective corporate cultures. Some things have worked, other things have not, and we are going to get into it all.

But ultimately, the goal here is to focus on the positive and prove my friend wrong by highlighting just how innovation and social media adoption has helped propel their evangelism of the changing media and communications landscape to the forefront of many of their companies’ marketing strategies and plans.

But don’t just take my word for it; join us live and in person at BlogWorld Expo, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Saturday, Oct. 16th. 12:15 PM – 1:00 PM, Conference Room Islander G Las Vegas, Nevada.

Panel Title: “Social Media & Corporate America – How America’s Companies are using Social Media to improve Audience and the Bottom Line.”

Panelists are:
Scott Monty – Ford Motor Co Global Digital and &Multimedia Communications Mgr. (@ScottMonty)
Jeff Hayzlett – Kodak, former CMO. Social media and marketing expert. (@JeffreyHayzlett)
Frank Eliason – Citibank VP of Social Media. Formally of Comcast (@FrankEliason)
Bonin Bough – Pepsico, Director of Social Media. (@BoughB)
Mark Monsteau, Johnson & Johnson, VP of Communications (@JNJComm)

Moderated by Kay Madati, Vice President of Audience Experience, CNN Worldwide. (@kmmnews)

BlogWorld Day 1 Recap!


The first day of BlogWorld 2010 provided a wealth of innovative ideas and conversations for attendees – and the weekend has much more in store.  It’s not too late to join us!  Here’s a sampling of yesterday’s activities:

Yesterday afternoon Mark Burnett participated in a keynote discussion with Brian Solis where they talked about the convergence of media and the future of unscripted drama on the web.

(cc) Kenneth Yeung – www.snapfoc.us

Our morning keynote speaker, Scott Stratten, brought humor and tips to all the Thursday attendees, then headed out for a round of book signings.

Attendees packed into each of Darren Rowse‘s sessions, even sitting on the floor or standing against the wall to hear his ProBlogger tips.  After, he took time to take a quick picture with @sebastienpage.

Over one thousand attendees converged on the Full Access Networking Luncheon to network and enjoy a catered lunch.

The Mandalay Bay venue is amazing – check out the layout of the keynote room.  But don’t forget to get there early on Saturday afternoon for our game-changing “New Media LIVE!” Talk Show keynote, kicking off at 5pm sharp! The house will be packed! Attendees file in for the UnMarketing Keynote on Thursday morning:

Join us today for more panels and visit the New Media Expo!

Click here to register Click here for schedule

BWE10 Lunch Recommendation: Border Grill


Vegas is a town full of great food, but Border Grill will be tough to beat. Located in Mandalay Bay, which makes it super convenient for BlogWorld Expo attendees, there’s more to this Mexican restaurant than meets the eye. I dare you to find a better strip restaurant for casual dining.

Oh, and if you’re too lazy busy to read this review, skip to the end and watch the video instead!

Executive chef Michael Minor is someone I wish I could hire to feed me every night. Mexican food is too commonly associated with Taco Bell, and his offerings are anything but. If it wouldn’t have been a sin to keep him out of the kitchen, I could have listened to him all day, talking about learning authentic secrets to great food while on vacation in the Yucatán. It’s pretty apparent that Chef Mike loves food and spares no expense at putting out the very best.

Border Grill was nice enough to do a little tasting menu for me, so I got to sample a lot of amazing food from Chef Mike’s kitchen. My three must-haves?

  • Guacamole
  • Baja Ceviche
  • Pork Tacos
  • Fruit Sorbet

Ok, yeah, that’s four. In trying to choose just three, I found that I couldn’t.

Start with the chips and guacamole. If you’re anything like us, I bet you can’t stop nibbling, even when the rest of your meal comes.

I love ceviche, And not only was the plate pretty (see the above-right picture), but it was delicious. In fact, I fully intend to go back and have it again before I leave Las Vegas. Some ceviches are really fishy (in a bad way), but at Border Grill, it tastes cool and refreshing – perfect for a hot day. The avocado adds a smooth texture to your mouth, perfectly contrasting the bed of crunchy homemade totillas.

And how can you not love a really well done taco? At border grill, the tacos are overflowing to the point where you almost have to eat them with a fork, and my favorite, by far, was the pork. If you check out the video below, I mention Chef Mike’s slow-roasted pork at least twice. I want to have that pork’s babies. If pork isn’t your thing, though, all of the tacos I tried were outstanding. Who would have thought you can get tasty, fresh fish tacos or spicy shrimp tacos in the middle of the dessert?

Seriously, save room for dessert. I’m usually not hungry enough for a huge dessert after lunch, despite my love for chocolate cake. I got to try their homemade sorbet sampler instead – and wow. It was a great way to finish the meal, and much to my surprise, there were frozen pieces of real fruit within the creamy sorbet, which burst in your mouth when you bite them. By this point in the meal, you’ll likely feel like you want to explode from eating so much, but it is totally worth the pain.

Also, please, please, PLEASE try the flavored lemonades, either alone or as part of a mixed drink. Yum. They’re sweet, but not syrupy like some flavored drinks.

The wait staff? Amazing, though I’ve yet to come across a poor waitress or waiter in Las Vegas. Mine for lunch was Rachel, and if she’s working, do yourself a favor and request her. I understand that we might have gotten a little special treatment because they knew I was going to write a review, but Rachel clearly knew what she was talking about with every dish – that’s not something you can just quickly learn for the sake of a reviewer. I also took notice that the staff was really attentive of all the guests in our area, making sure to keep the water glass full and checking on diners regularly (but not so often that it gets annoying).

The biggest downside to this restaurant, as I see it, is that it’s easy to miss as you walk by. The restaurant looks tiny from the outside, and kind of…well…typical, nothing special. Inside, that is clearly not the case. Beyond requesting Rachel, do yourself another favor and walk downstairs for seating – you’ll eat right by the river and waterfall. The balcony is also a great option, since the view of Mandalay Bay is gorgeous. Don’t judge this restaurant book by its cover.

The Specs:

  • Mandalay Bay’s Border Grill is open for both lunch and dinner, and they also have to-go options for bloggers on the move. They have a bar, a dining room, a balcony, and an outdoor eating space available for guests.
  • It’s great for the blogger who wants to experience the best of Vegas food, but who is also on a budget. You can get an amazing lunch there for under $25 and dinner for well under $50.

Check out this video for more food porn, videos at the restaurant, and more:


Big thanks to Ashli Kimenker from Kirvin Doak Communications for joining me for lunch and making this review possible!

Plixi Bringing Collective Photo Event Stream to Blog World


In a world where real time matters and people are trying to share photos while on the go in a meaningful way; Plixi delivers real time photo sharing. Plixi is pleased to announce that they are the official photo sharing service for Blog World 2010 Las Vegas.

Real time collective photo streams will be displayed on Plixi of photos uploaded to Plixi with the hashtag #bwe10!

Photos from the event with #bwe10 will be placed on a collective photo events stream for you and your friends to see at the Plixi booth, #425, or on their PC, Mac or mobile device.

TweetPhoto recently has changed its name to Plixi. All of the stuff that you loved about TweetPhoto basically stays the same, we just added a bunch of cool features like user created places and events and a lot more. We have changed the name to more accurately reflect what our service does and how it is much more than just Twitter. People, Places, Events and Photos… Connecting you to your friends and allowing you to share photos in new and exciting ways socially.

If you used TweetPhoto in the past or you are new to the service you will need to create a Plixi account under 15 seconds by simply authenticating with Twitter or Facebook and choosing a Plixi password here http://plixi.com/signup

Lots of people want to share photos from their mobile phone so that their friends can see what they are doing right then. Our upcoming iPhone app will make that a snap. We are aiming for a better way to instantly share photos and we offer functionality that you won’t find in Facebook or most other photo sharing sites. Here are just a few of the new features that we have added to the new Plixi.

  • Events/Places. These are user created and have a location. (e.g., Tiffany’s Birthday Party, Blog World Break Out Session, Mash Bash Las Vegas). These events/places allow for everyone’s photos from the party to show in one place online. Think of it as a group collection of shared memories of an event. One event where lots of different people add photos, perfect for parties, meetups, concerts, college life, sporting events among others.
  • Photo Tagging. Tag your friends in photos quickly
  • Grid or Stream View across the site.
  • Webcam snapshots
  • Enhanced social interactions with voting, favoriting, commenting on photos.
  • Real Time notifications and alerts via website & email when something important happens.
  • See much more of what your friends are doing. Easily view a persons photos, events they added photos to, favorites and photos they voted on.

There is a lot more to discover… so create your account and get a closer look at what is going on from people you care about.

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